1. What exactly is The Authors Show®?

The Authors Show® is a publishing industry podcasting pioneer producing marketing centered author interviews since 2005. Our program offers participants professionally produced interviews that showcase them and their work. Podcasters may come and go; we remain strong and continue our growth after 18+ years of podcasting; during that time we processed over 6,000 authors from around the world. Check our testimonials page to see why.

2. What is the cost to be interviewed on The Authors Show®?

Guests on our podcast are interviewed at no cost to them and the initial 24-hour broadcast of their interview is also free. MP3 interview copies are available for a nominal fee, and we offer an optional interview featured rebroadcast program that offers lots of exposure opportunities on multiple platforms for the authors and their books for up to a year. The detailed program (BMP) is sent to show guests after their interview has been produced; there is no obligation to purchase. Guests who purchase one of our programs may return for a new interview at any time; guests who do not purchase one of our programs may return for a new interview at no cost after the one-year anniversary of the broadcast of their original interview.   

3. What do I need to do to be a guest on the show, or to pitch my client?

We accept books in all genres, except erotica.  Click here to request an interview. We receive many requests and all are handled in order of receipt. Our processing window is usually 15-20 business days at which time selected guests are referred to a host who will communicate with the author for scheduling.

Publicists and Publishers: please do not email us your pitches as they delay the process. Instead, submit the interview request form.  

4. Why & when should I submit all that information on the form?

You know yourself and your work. We do not. Our form requests from you the minimum amount of information we need so we may research you and your work, and prepare your professional interview. Incomplete forms will be rejected.

Published book: you may submit the form at any time.

Unpublished book: you may submit the form if your book has yet to be published as long as you do so within a 2-month window prior to the publishing date, not before. We do offer the option to coincide the broadcast of an interview with the book publishing date, and when such a request together with our form are submitted 6-8 weeks prior to that date, we will do our best to make it happen. 

5. How do I find out when my interview will broadcast?

Interviews that meet our production standards are scheduled for broadcast after editing has been finalized. All broadcast dates are posted on the broadcast schedule on our home page 7 days prior to broadcast. This broadcast date is your first opportunity to hear your interview and we invite you to check that page regularly so you may plan your own promotional effort accordingly. 

If an interview cannot be broadcast because it does not meet our standards, the author will be notified via email within 7 days from recording date.

6. May I listen to interviews on other platforms?

Yes. Selected interviews are also available on Amazon Music, Apple Podcast, Blubrry, Deezer, Google Podcast, iHeart Radio, Pandora, Podchaser, Soundcloud, Spotify, Stitcher, TuneIn, YouTube. Search for “The Authors Show” on any of these platforms. For more details, please scroll below to question: How can my guest appearance on the show and the archiving of my interview help me with marketing my book(s)?

7. Who is your audience? What are your matrix/statistics?

Audience: our audience is divided about equally between men and women. Being U.S. based our largest audience is in the USA with an increasing following abroad and many more foreign authors requesting to be interviewed on our show.  In addition to our own website, selected interviews can also be heard on third party platforms that have a combined audience of several hundred million, such as Amazon Music, Apple Podcast, Blubrry, Deezer, Google Podcast, iHeart Radio, Pandora, Podchaser, Soundcloud, Spotify, Stitcher, TuneIn, YouTube. 

Matrix/statistics: at January 2020 there were 1.74 billion websites on the Internet with 50% of the global internet traffic consistently going to the top 1.5 million websites. 

Traffic ranking is a dynamic fluctuating measurement and here are examples of this ranking:

  • Google is ranked #1
  • YouTube #2
  • Facebook #4
  • Amazon #11
  • Twitter #49
  • Penguin-Random #14,000
  • Harper Collins #47,000
  • (UK) Peter James #90,000
  • The Authors Show #120,000
  • (UK) JK Rowling #245,000
  • (US) Stephen King #263,000
  • (US) James Patterson #430,000
  • Hachette Livre #1.1mil
  • (CA) Margaret Atwood #1.8mil
  • (UK) Jackie Collins #4.3mil
  • (FR) Guillaume Musso #6.2mil

At #120,000 “The Authors Show” is WELL within this 50% global traffic.


8. How do listeners learn about my interview?

  • All new interview broadcasts for the coming week are announced together in a post on multiple social media platforms to our global network, which include show fans, readers, authors, agents, publishers, publicists, and more.
  • All interviews in our optional featured rebroadcast program are each announced in individual posts on multiple social media platforms to that same global network, with each broadcast. 
  • Our social media postings are often shared by others on various platforms, thus further expanding the reach of our broadcast announcements.
  • You are encouraged to let your own network of contacts know of your interview, and to post an announcement on your favorite social media platforms.

9. Why should I request an interview on The Authors Show®?

Several reasons:

  • Interviews are a great tool to deliver your story to book fans who love hearing authors present themselves and their work.
  • Interviews generate credibility and can create interest from agents, book reviewers, bloggers, publishers, journalists, etc.
  • Our interviews are professionally produced: we conduct several layers of research on you and your work prior to bringing you on board; the host will coach you prior to starting the recording and during the recording if needed; the interview is also edited for quality purpose. Our goal is to present you and your work to book fans around the world in the most professional manner. 
  • We promote your interview via social media to readers and others around the world.
  • Both traditional and online media always look for good content, therefore a professional interview can show them that you have something of interest to talk about, and that your message can be delivered eloquently.

10. I am shy, prefer writing to speaking and I am not comfortable doing an interview!

Oh! If we just had a dollar for every time we hear that!
No worries!  Our hosts will put you at ease the minute you speak with them; recording will not begin until you feel totally comfortable; they will hold your hand all the way through. They are pussycats, really!  
As for maybe not being the best speaker on the planet?  No worries there either, our editing magicians will take care of that for you, leaving you “smelling like a rose” and presenting you and your work in the best way possible.

11. Do I receive a free copy of my interview?

This was already addressed in the question 2 above: no, you do not receive a free copy. We do offer the option to purchase interview copies for a small fee, and to participate in our extended interview broadcast and promotion to book fans around the world. A copy of our program is sent to authors after their interview has been conducted.  There is no obligation to purchase in order to be a guest on the show. Interviews on The Authors Show® are produced by our parent company KDResources, Inc.; they are copyrighted and acquiring a copy of these interviews through any other means is illegal and in violation of copyright laws.

12. How can my guest appearance on the show and the archiving of my interview help me with marketing my book(s)?

Realtors know that “location – location – location” is key to home buying; the equivalent to an effective book marketing strategy is “exposure – exposure – exposure”.  

In addition to the credibility factor mentioned above, through the optional interview archiving & featured rebroadcast program our show offers continuous exposure to book buyers and others interested in the topic(s) you write about.  Our program is called “BMP”, or Book Marketing Program. It offers paid options priced to fit even the smallest budget, offers huge value and our testimonials page shows the results participating authors have experienced.  Depending on which BMP plan you select, you can experience continuous exposure for up to a year through the many benefits offered in these plans.  Here are a few examples:

  • The daily outreach we conduct behind the scenes to promote the show and its guests.
  • The archiving of your interview on our own platform + on many other audio platforms that have millions of users, as well as on YouTube.
  • Through a dedicated page on our website where you and your interview alone are featured.
  • The self-promotion done by other authors around the world who were interviewed.
  • Our weekly publicity outreach to search engines, journalists, social media, bloggers and others.
  • Several hundred weekly postings on multiple social media platforms.

A detailed copy of our BMP is sent to guests after conducting their interview.

13. How do I link to my archived interview?

There are 3 link options:

  1. Recommended link: use http://theauthorsshow.com. Why? We may from time to time move an archived interview from one channel to another, so using the link to a specific channel may not always be your best option.
  2. Our website broadcast schedule displays scheduled interviews 7-8 days ahead of broadcast. When visiting our website, look at the channel where your interview is to broadcast. The address of the page is displayed in your browser and you can easily copy that link from there. For your convenience these links are listed below; each will auto-play your interview only on the day(s) it is scheduled to broadcast. On other days, that same interview will be available on-demand.
  3. For our Platinum archived author interviews only: these authors benefit from their own individual page on our platform and therefore may link to that page directly as only their interview will play on that page. You may copy the address of your individual page that displays in your browser.

Channel 1: https://wnbnetworkwest.com/channel/1

Channel 2: https://wnbnetworkwest.com/channel/2

Channel 3: https://wnbnetworkwest.com/channel/3

Channel 4: https://wnbnetworkwest.com/channel/4

Channel 5: https://wnbnetworkwest.com/channel/5

Channel 6: https://wnbnetworkwest.com/channel/6

Channel 7: https://wnbnetworkwest.com/channel/7

Channel 8: https://wnbnetworkwest.com/channel/8

Channel 9: https://wnbnetworkwest.com/channel/9


14. Why are the interviews not conducted live?

Live broadcasts limit the size of the audience to those able to listen at the exact time the broadcast is available.  All original interviews on The Authors Show® are broadcast for a full 24 hours starting at midnight New York time and can be listened to at any time during that 24-hour period from anywhere around the world, no matter what time zone. Long term archiving for on-demand listening 24/7 and featured rebroadcasts are available in our optional paid program.

15. Can you guarantee my book will sell?

That is a question often asked.  And the answer is: NO.  

This is not the answer any author wants to hear but.... the simple reality is that nobody can ever guarantee book sales. Nobody, period.  Not even yourself. 

But think about this: without exposure, how can others find out your book exists?  Marketing is a numbers game: the more exposure you give your work, the more you increase your chances others will buy it, but there is no such thing as a guarantee.