Elsie McKenney, USA

Interviewed by Don McCauley
Publisher: Indie Author

Eve's Covering

  • Young Adult


Eve’s family moves to Harbor Springs, a small lake town nestled along the shores of Northern Michigan. Her parents are eager to make a new start-and new friends. But Eve soon realizes there is something sinister about Simon and Marigold Blackwell. When Eve’s cousin, Alice, dies and is said to have committed suicide, she knows something fishy is going on. Alice would never take her own life. Things get complicated further when the Blackwell’s nanny disappears without explanation. The Blackwells endear themselves to Eve’s family, gaining the trust of her parents. Simon claims to be a prophet and expects his prophecies to be obeyed. Eve is frightened by the things Marigold says she is be able to see in the spirit world. Eve struggles to resist their manipulation, but the Blackwells steadily gain control of everything in her life-disrupting her plans for college and hopes of marrying her soulmate. After what seems like an eternity of resisting the hold the Blackwells have over her, Eve faulters. She fears a curse and the safety of her family if she refuses the Blackwell’s demands. She finally gives in and joins them. Eve finds herself on a plane to the Soviet Union. The Blackwells have persuaded her to take an internship at The House of Angels, an orphanage they run in Armenia. Eve soon discovers there’s something evil going on. She sets out to find the truth and is determined to do everything in her power to protect the children, even if it means sacrificing herself.