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Moe Doodle is a country mouse who decides to move to the Big City in search of excitement and adventure. Although he finds plenty of fun, he soon realizes he is homesick and missing his friends. Told in bouncing rhyme and rhythm with incorporated dance movements for young listeners and readers, discover how Moe solves his problems while exploring and living in the Big City. Ideal for children of three years and older.

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Gregory K. Mohr speaking about “Real Freedom: Why Franchises Are Worth Considering and How They Can Be Used For Building Wealth”

You have the drive and work ethic… …but just don’t know how to start. Should you franchise your own business or buy into a well-known brand? Two of the roads to financial freedom are building a business or buying into a franchise. Wall Street Journal bestselling author, Gregory K. Mohr has done both. From managing restaurants to micro-circuit engineering, he had a broad range of experience. When he found franchising, though, that’s when everything changed. It all started when he got laid off. Greg’s career had left him feeling empty for some time. If he was going to change his life, he had to get to it. Franchising did exactly that. He had the energy and drive that was missing from the 9-5 job and with that came success. It wasn’t easy, though, as he had to learn the ins and outs of the contracts and how to avoid the mistakes that most people made. This book will save you time. With over 200 clients who’ve learned his methods, Greg has a proven record of success that makes him the teacher for you. You’ll learn: - Types of Franchises - Pros and Cons of the Services Industry - Horizontal vs. Vertical Growth - A Plan for Building Wealth - How to use SBA (Small Business Administration Loans) to get started - And much more He will show you the road map to get you from Day 1 training to the Grand Opening. You’ll love this life-changing book because the Real Freedom in life comes from charting your own course. Are you ready to start?

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Anne Wedgwood speaking about “The Narcissist”

When famous actress Vanessa Forsyth is found dead in her dressing room, with a bullet hole in her head and a gun on the floor, everyone assumes she has taken her own life. It is only a matter of time, however, before DI Ronnie Twist and her sergeant, Luke Carter, discover that the film star was murdered.
As suspicion falls on Vanessa’s family and friends, the police discover that more than one person had reason to want her out of the way. And as the net closes around her own family, Vanessa’s neighbour and protégée, Billie, finds that those she trusts most have more secrets than she ever imagined.

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Fish Nealman speaking about “Esteban: Love's Irony”

Esteban's journey of resilience and transformation unfolds with unexpected twists and turns in "Love's Irony." From an affair with Aja to his adventures in Las Cruces and Kochi, his path is marked by profound change and unforeseen challenges. After his expulsion from Mexico, Esteban seeks solace in bustling Kochi, India, immersing himself in his duties and encountering intriguing individuals. Despite grappling with illness and loneliness, he finds moments of joy and fulfillment, especially within the hospital corridors where he bonds with Aja, the head nurse. Their romance is complicated by Aja's commitment to her faith, leading to their eventual separation. Egged on by Jesus, Esteban's journey takes him to Macau, where a twist of fate brings both triumph and deportation. Through these tumultuous experiences, Esteban navigates the complexities of love's irony, a journey that continues to captivate and surprise.

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A.L. Tayler speaking about “Smokey and the Mystery of Rabbitina”

Smokey and Portia become involved in another exciting adventure at Easter time when a ten foot tall white rabbit with big floppy ears called Snowball arrives in their garden. Portia is kidnapped and within a short time Smokey is grabbed by his ears and carried away too. He soon discovers why he and Portia have been transported to the Island of Rabbitina. The island is sinking and all the rabbits need to be rescued. How will Smokey save them? This is a charming and lovely story for younger children that will delight and enchant in turn. The Smokey Books adventure series are created by Anna Louise Tayler. They are based on her families pets. Smokey who plays the lead character is a white Welsh Mountain Pony, whose best friends are Portia and Balou.

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Colonel U. S. Army Ret. George A. Milton speaking about “Failure Is Not The Problem, It's The Beginning Of Your Success”

What would you do if you had a revolutionary resource to help you become a successful leader, reach your goals, make your life better and propel you to become all that you are meant to be? Sounds impossible? Well, its not! In the “impossible” is the “possible.” And if you want the possibility of becoming successful, U. S. Army Retired Colonel, George Milton’s book, Failure Is Not The Problem, It’s The Beginning Of Your Success is a must read. Most leadership books discuss how to achieve success only, but in life we all fail sometimes. If you want to succeed you must walk through the doorway of this life changing resource; failure. In his amazing book he addresses the challenge of adversity and how failure can motivate you, focus you, and change your life for the better. His inspiring story of growth from a difficult youth to a distinguished career Army combat officer, he shares that it was only possible because he changed his attitude. Not only does he reveal personal triumphs and defeats, he demonstrates in12 easy to follow steps, how you can transform your mindset from negative to positive regarding failure and in the process become successful.

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TF Burke speaking about “Faeries Don't Lie”

Releasing a Chandarion’s god-like magic into the world isn’t what sixteen-year-old Aunia, the village’s outcast, intends. She only wants to impress Mathias, a visiting seventeen-year-old pegasus flyer, who fiercely believes the choice—either Faery or Mortal world surviving—has come. Her action calls forth the Boggleman, a soul-sucking ghoul, who abducts her dad, eats her faery friends with his carnivorous cloak, and sets Dagel demons on her isolated village. And worse. The worlds of Ahnu-Endynia are full of faeries, pegasi flyers, myths, secrets, and themes of belonging, despite being misunderstood. And if you don't watch carefully . . . You might be pulled into the Betwixt. . . the space between the worlds.

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Jake Kaminski speaking about “Beneath the Polish Moon”

Two boys meet and a friendship is forged that will echo for a lifetime. Luke Karpinski and his friend Eugene, along with a cast of unforgettable characters navigate life in a Polish neighborhood in mid-century Milwaukee. Their stories are both hilarious and heartwarming. For the boys, every day is an adventure. It never occurs to them that one day they will grow up and have to go their separate ways. Many years later, Luke is a cop working in the lush city of Miami, his childhood friends almost forgotten. He chose his career to make the world a better place, but life is never that simple. Miami has become the drug capital of the world and Luke is in the middle of it, caught in a life and death struggle with the fierce Colombian cartels. The battle is all-consuming and Luke will sacrifice everything for the job: his family life, his health, and even his dreams. This is a story of two Lukes. An innocent boy and a hardened undercover cop. The stories converge when Luke returns to his home in Milwaukee, old and alone. As he steps onto the streets of his old neighborhood, the memories come roaring back. He blinks back tears as he breathes it in, remembering how happy he was in this place. Why did things have to change? He meets a young black girl in front of his childhood home. He tries to explain his presence, but something is happening. He hears voices—voices from the past; and visions from another time. It feels like a doorway opening. Was that his mom? Impossible. She’s so young. Eugene? It can’t be; he’s still a kid. What is this place? Even the light is different; somehow softer, warmer. They seem to be beckoning. What to do . . .

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Deborah Wynne speaking about “The Original Wife”

A thriller. A love story. A cruel twist of fate. Sometimes six-feet under isn't enough to bury someone.

Lanie Spenser endured a childhood of merry-go-round foster homes before suffering an abusive marriage to Dr. Stanley Greystone. After twenty years of suppression by her husband, she musters the courage to divorce and begin a new life. College, trauma counseling, and an exciting career strengthen Lanie into a confident and capable woman. Feeling empowered and restored, she begins a new relationship. Brock Burnham is everything that Stanley was not-kind, tender, and loving. Brock's quest for adventure, sense of humor, and generous affection allow Lanie to feel hopeful about happy-ever-after's for the first time in her life.

On the very day she meets Brock, she attends Stanley's funeral. Her ex-husband's death injects a bevy of baby mamas and discarded children into Lanie's world. As the original wife, she inherits the bulk of his estate as well as a string of clues to piece together the labyrinth of Stanley's lurid activities. His death exposes a tangled web of indiscretions, damaged women, and unspeakable acts of cruelty.

With every new grain of discovery, Stanley's evil continues to reach from beyond the grave. Lanie's life unravels as her past collides with her present and she uncovers the darkest of Stanley's transgressions. Stanley's pre-meditated attempts to implicate Lanie in his crimes takes one ugly turn after another and there seems to be no end to the depths of Stanley's malevolence. Each twist of his manipulation plunges a blade deeper into her soul, not only threatening her cherished relationship with Brock, but also her mental stability.

After Lanie is compelled to recall every moment of her traumatized marriage, she retreats to a reclusive existence. Desperately holding on to happy memories of being with Brock, she prays reflection and self-forgiveness will keep her from tumbling down a dark and bottomless rabbit hole of despair. She eventually emerges from her self-imposed solitude to reclaim what has been there all along-the sunshine she needs. Loving herself. Loving life. Loving Brock. She hopes it's not too late.

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Richard Trayler speaking about “Growing in Intimacy with God: Accept, Adore, Abide”

Have you ever wanted to get away, perhaps to a beautiful mountain top, and leave the worries of the world in the clouds below you? Would you like to go to a place where you could relax, rest, and refresh your body, mind, emotions, and spirit in the morning sun, and, more importantly, in the light and love of the Son?

The most important relationship you can have is a personal, intimate relationship with God – The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. You can know God and have continual fellowship and communion with Him.

As you read this book, allow the Holy Spirit to lead you through three essential steps – Accept, Adore, and Abide - so that you may have the intimate relationship with God that you were created to have and begin enjoying the abundant life, now and forever, that Jesus promised (John 10:10). Additionally, experience an inward transformation into the likeness of Christ and the outward manifestation of His love for others.

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Nancine Meyer speaking about “Traces of Heaven (A Spiritual Guide to Life After Life)”

Traces of Heaven is an uplifting, light read about some very significant human transitions. Do you sense from time to time “there must be something more?” Are you curious about the mystical and spiritual nature of yourself and other human beings? Would you like to learn more clearly where your deceased loved ones are? And would you like to learn how to connect with them even now from your two different worlds? The book, Traces of Heaven, is a divinely revealed guidebook which maps out in delightful story form the answers to these and many other questions about life and afterlife mysteries.
The author, Nancine Meyer, is a long-standing angel medium and sixth sensory guide. In Traces of Heaven she shares in a reassuring, simple style the Angels' communications to her regarding our divine origin, the human experience, the spirit world, and how to reach each other from different energy realms.