Irv Arenberg, USA

Interviewed by Don McCauley
Publisher: Indie Author

Love and Murder: The Last Days of Vincent Van Gogh

  • True Crime


2023 NYC Big Book Award Winner for Arts & Entertainment for Love and Murder. On July 29, 1890, a hot and muggy afternoon, shortly after Vincent van Gogh was laid to rest after his honor killing for “compromising” his doctor's twenty-one-year-old daughter, Marguerite, twenty-six (26) of his unknown paintings and other art material were stolen from the hotel where he had been laid out for his final viewing by his doctor and his son. This was the largest art heist of a single artist ever, and today would be worth many billions! This theft led to the Gachet art forgery ring and many fakes, forgeries, and altered provenance for years. This is the story in the book 3 of the Killing Vincent Trilogy of what happened to all this art and to Marguerite and her sad, long life without her Vincent. This book three is the finale of the Trilogy. Book one was Killing Vincent and proved forensically that it was not possible for Vincent to self-inflict his mortal wound. If Vincent did not shoot himself in the belly, (of all places) then whoever put that penetrating wound in his abdomen murdered him! Book two, Love and Murder, now in your hands answers the questions of how, why, and where Vincent van Gogh was murdered and how a brilliant cover up of the murder was accomplished by the persons of interest using the false narrative of a suicide as a martyr for his art. There is also a sneak preview of chapter one from book three The Day Vincent van Gogh was Murdered; The Honor Killing that Changed Art History Forever and Led to The Greatest Art Heist in Modern Times. Hopefully this will you excite you to put the entire Killing Vincent Trilogy together in your mind’s eye in preparation for the major movie, Finally Love.