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Squeeze Plays combines finance, intrigue and a closely detailed look and the rich and privileged in New York and London. Two powerful men, a bank chief executive and a tabloid publisher, are at odds over a loan that would keep the publisher afloat. A cunning Russian oligarch appears with an offer of a financial life raft to the publisher - a gambit uncovered by an intrepid financial reporter who senses a big story.

The novel is a character-driven tale that one professional reviewer called the best character-driven book he'd read in a year. The actions and foibles of the main characters - and strong female characters - are played out at length, and the squeeze plays include financial and sexual blackmail, sabotage and more. The settings are rendered in vivid detail, and the tone is often brisk and satirical, showing how vanity and hubris can humble the powerful.

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John Mahaffey speaking about “Shafted”

Back from rock bottom... Trey McCall, an up-and-coming superstar on the golf circuit, staggered past a mirror and gasped at his reflection; horrified, he froze and stared at his pathetic image—sweating profusely through a torn and faded Bob Seger tee shirt, eyes blood red and glazed, hands shaking, mouth dry and scratchy as sandpaper. The disciplined essence of an athlete, a thing of the past—each intoxicated day mirrors the last and the next—lured from his principled sheltered life on The Circle M Ranch by unscrupulous forces in the real world. Suddenly fully aware—he must escape this highway to nowhere—to regain purpose in and for his life. The obstacles were infinite—four truths, his only vehicle: He would need significant help to get there. He must own his past to have a future. Karma is real. Trust is earned. Lucky Richards, his nefarious business manager—a catalyst for disaster—vanishes, leaving in his wake an international trail of egregious felonies implicating McCall and his family. Survival becomes Trey’s primary concern, as golf takes a backseat.

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Thomas Mark Johnston speaking about “My Kingdom for a Horse”

Scotland, 1585. Lord Warden Johnstone is leading a troop of his clansmen back home. Pursued by Lord Maxwell, a battle of survival is about to commence. Meanwhile, Lady Margaret and her son, James eagerly await, looking out over the battlements of Lochwood Castle.

 The ensuing battle leads to a sequence of events that would reverberate down the ages through history. Referred to previously as border clans, The Border Reivers would be used throughout the world as mercenary soldiers because of their unrivalled fighting ability.

 The theft of a horse by a band of Johnstones from Wamphray led to the Battle of Dryfe Sands, the disbandment of the border clans and their banishment to the colonies by King James VI of Scotland after he became King James I of England and Ireland in 1603. The kingdom was united, and all for the theft of a horse!

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Elsie McKenney speaking about “Eve's Covering”

Eve’s family moves to Harbor Springs, a small lake town nestled along the shores of Northern Michigan. Her parents are eager to make a new start-and new friends. But Eve soon realizes there is something sinister about Simon and Marigold Blackwell. When Eve’s cousin, Alice, dies and is said to have committed suicide, she knows something fishy is going on. Alice would never take her own life. Things get complicated further when the Blackwell’s nanny disappears without explanation. The Blackwells endear themselves to Eve’s family, gaining the trust of her parents. Simon claims to be a prophet and expects his prophecies to be obeyed. Eve is frightened by the things Marigold says she is be able to see in the spirit world. Eve struggles to resist their manipulation, but the Blackwells steadily gain control of everything in her life-disrupting her plans for college and hopes of marrying her soulmate. After what seems like an eternity of resisting the hold the Blackwells have over her, Eve faulters. She fears a curse and the safety of her family if she refuses the Blackwell’s demands. She finally gives in and joins them. Eve finds herself on a plane to the Soviet Union. The Blackwells have persuaded her to take an internship at The House of Angels, an orphanage they run in Armenia. Eve soon discovers there’s something evil going on. She sets out to find the truth and is determined to do everything in her power to protect the children, even if it means sacrificing herself.

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M.J. Polelle speaking about “American Conspiracy”

When the president-elect is assassinated, Jim Murphy of the Chicago PD gets the blame as the country encounters an unprecedented constitutional crisis. While serving as extra security his moment of distraction offered the assassin the opportunity to strike. To redeem his good name Jim Murphy volunteers to investigate the mysterious disappearance of gangbangers who turn up as blood-drained corpses. His investigation connects the murders to an ailing Big Pharma tycoon conducting secret blood experiments to save his life. Meanwhile, the election is thrown into Congress for resolution after no surviving candidate wins in the Electoral College. With many twists and turns Jim Murphy discovers a connection between the Big Pharma tycoon and a political coup in the making instigated by the same tycoon who wants to save not only life but his country by making it great again. Jim Murpy teams up with the "backdoor' president elected by the House of Representatives to put down the coup on the verge of succeeding. The tycoon escapea to Cuba where he dies a painful death as a result of his dangeroua experimentation with the young blood of gangbangers.

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Barry Finlay speaking about “Just Keep Climbing”

When author Barry Finlay undertook climbing Mount Kilimanjaro at age sixty, little did he know the lessons he learned scaling that summit would translate to overcoming any of life’s challenges. In an inspiring how-to guide drawing upon both Finlay’s experience and the inspiring stories of eight other ordinary people doing extraordinary things, Just Keep Climbing details the tools anyone can use to reach seemingly impossible goals and become the best version of themselves. From the seventy-year-old, record-breaking sprinter and the competitive bodybuilder to those confronting addiction or a devastating medical diagnosis, each story is raw, emotional, and uplifting. Most importantly, each personal account assures us that while everyone faces their own version of Kilimanjaro, we have the power to prevail over adversity, pursue our passions, master our demons, and transform not only our own lives but the lives of others. Outlining the five Ps of overcoming challenges and sprinkled throughout with motivating quotes, Just Keep Climbing will inspire readers to find the joy in perseverance, success in the face of difficulty, and provide tools for the climb, whether the mountain is literal or figurative.

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Christina Weigand speaking about “Dragon Disciples: Resurrection”

When the head of an ancient Samaritan family is injured, it throws the family into turmoil. There isn’t enough money to pay the hefty Roman taxes. The daughter, Chana, is taken as compensation and forced into slavery inside a cruel centurion’s home. As a slave, Chana witnesses the miracles of Yeshua. They give her hope as she stands up to the abuses of the centurion’s children and survives unspeakable atrocities. Unaware of her family’s presence in Jerusalem, the holy city brings nothing but horror when Chana witnesses the crucifixion at the hands of the Romans. While struggling to overcome her traumas Naftili, Chana’s brother, is taken as a slave to the same house as Chana. Their fate to live a life as slaves seems impossible to overcome until they are rescued by dragons sent from God. But all is not easy as their faith journey continues. They will encounter obstacles designed to prevent them from becoming Dragon Disciples, faithful followers who spread and protect the Word of God.

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Neill McKee speaking about “My University of the World: Adventures of an International Film & Media Maker”

Neill McKee takes us on an entertaining journey through the developing world from 1970 to 2012. His memoir is filled with compelling dialog, humorous and poignant incidents, thoughts on world development, vivid descriptions of people and places he visited and worked in, and over 200 images (ebook and hardcover in color), all of which bring readers into his "University of the World." The story starts when he becomes a "one-man film crew," documenting the lives of Canadian CUSO volunteers working in Asia and Africa as teachers, medical doctors, nurses, engineers, agriculturalists, foresters, technicians, and a biologist. He learns the craft of filmmaking and meets and marries Elizabeth "on the hoof." The story is enlivened throughout by their challenges and adventures together, and Elizabeth's growing artistic talent and creations. Beginning in 1975, the young couple settles in Ottawa and starts a family, while Neill roams the world for Canada's International Development Research Centre. His award-winning films depict the agency's philosophy and search for solutions to problems in agriculture, forestry, fisheries, aquaculture, rural development, education, health, water and sanitation, and more. Then in 1990, McKee joins UNICEF in Bangladesh, and later in Africa, where he initiates long-lasting multimedia programs for child health, with a focus on empowering girls. In 2001, he moves to Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA, and then to Moscow, Russia, where he oversees similar initiatives. That experience leads him to a memorable last post in Washington, D.C. as director of a large global communication project. Throughout the short chapters and in a brief epilogue, McKee reflects on the long-term impact of the projects he documented and of his media creations. This is a book for anyone interested in world affairs and development, film and multimedia production, the use of media for behavior and social change, exotic travel, and interesting career choices.

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Dr. Kixx Goldman speaking about “Speak from Your Heart and Be Heard: Stories of Courage and Healing”

Psychologist Dr. Kixx Goldman explores the nature of intuition and resilience. When people honor their intuition, the "little voice" inside, and speak openly about their feelings, they thrive in their relationships. You, too, can follow your inner voice, speak from your heart, and claim your power. The eight engaging fictional stories in this collection are personal, drawn from experiences in Dr. Kixx's life and the lives of her clients. The characters are tested by everyday traumas:

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Richard Trayler speaking about “Life Is Short... Compared To Eternity”

Who was (and is) Jesus Christ? What is the gospel of Jesus Christ? Is the Bible trustworthy? How can the gospel of Jesus Christ benefit you? (Apologetics) What are the central teachings of Islam, atheism, and secular socialism and why do these fail to measure up to Biblical Christianity? (Polemics) What are the major yet-to-be-fulfilled biblical prophecies and how will these affect you? (Prophecy) The Bible says that God created you in His image, that God loves you and wants to have a personal relationship with you! How can you know God and have a personal relationship with Him? How can you grow and mature spiritually? (Spiritual Growth) How can you share your faith with others? (Witnessing and Evangelism) How can you help other believers grow and mature spiritually? (Discipling) Come along with me and consider the answers to these and other questions that have eternal significance to you. This will be an exciting journey as you discover God's plan for an abundant life for you, now and forever, ... if you place your faith in the gospel of Jesus Christ!