Jaqueline H. Becker, Ph.D., USA

Interviewed by Don McCauley

Dying to Live: Love Stories

  • Biography / History / Memoir


Is getting "unstuck" feeling hard? Well, Dying To Live: Love Stories will be a scaffold for your brave explorations of stubborn blockages. Within this memoir, which is somewhat academic, somewhat other-worldly, somewhat painful, somewhat joyous, and angry about the lack of kindness we find in our individual and collective lives, we bear witness to how Jaqueline turns her terrifying demons into valuable warrior minions. Strange as it seems, death, sexual and physical abuse, illnesses, betrayals, failure, and definitely not fitting in are Jaqueline's elixirs for real growth...and for sustaining Love. Unrelenting fights for her resurrections reinforce your commitment to do the same---live richly, deeply and stay true to your own soul. Spirit seems to talk directly to us through these love stories, and Spirit is so revered because it is Spirit which leads us through our darkest of days and toward more and more light. Dr. Becker shows us how to use all our senses to hear Spirit talk directly to us as she raises the positive value of suffering to its highest level.