Grace Blair, USA

Interviewed by Don McCauley

Einstein's Compass a YA Time Traveler Adventure

  • Young Adult


Einstein’s Compass by Grace Blair is a “YA Time Traveler Adventure.” Historical fantasy science fiction. The book intertwines events in Albert Einstein’s life with fantastical elements while including scientific concepts. Topics that emerge include coming of age, antisemitism, and bullying. Most of us are familiar with Einstein’s legacy as a scientific genius and a giant of physics. But where did his ideas originate? How can one person be so brilliant? Imagine he has been reborn into the modern world after living the life of a spiritual leader in ancient Atlantis, where science and the divine made sense. Einstein’s Compass centers on Albert, his friend Johann, a classmate named Werner Von Weisel, and two villains named Raka and Countess Victoria von Baden. As a young boy, Albert’s father gave him a jeweled compass. We later learn the compass originally belonged to Countess von Baden’s family. It has magical qualities which only Albert and Johann are aware of. Raka, Albert’s twin brother thousands of years ago, has always been jealous of Albert and wishes him harm. Raka learns the compass contains a powerful stone called the Shamir stone, and he uses Werner and the Countess to exact revenge and take the compass for himself. The book includes “Mystical Travelers” famous biblical and scientific persons like Moses, Jesus, and Newton, who guide Albert along the path to rediscovering his forgotten knowledge destined to affect the word. Einstein’s Compass is a fascinating blend of the factual and the fantastical with enough of the metaphysical to leave readers wondering what is possible and what is reality. Imagine that a Wrinkle in Time meets The Chronicles of Narnia with a little Harry Potter thrown into the mix. “The more I learn of physics, the more I am drawn to metaphysics.” – Albert Einstein It is part science, part science fiction, part fantasy, part thriller, and all fun for young adults on up.