Dante -, USA

Interviewed by Don McCauley
Publisher: Indie Author

The Base

  • Literary Fiction


“The Base” From the most “Top Secret “military base in the country comes this tale of jealousy, deception, intrigue and triumph. The newest most sought-after military innovation “The Project” is about to be released, after many years of research by the military’s elite scientists. Unfortunately, there are many who seek to steal and intercept the invention for their own agenda. Written from the inside of a place that few have ever seen with the most forbidding climate to keep outsiders away we follow our developers to the completion of their mission. Their success depends on a sacred trust and ethics while they live in conditions that would try even the strongest most resolute soul. ‘The Project” must succeed or we all will fail – and it will fall into the hands of the enemy. Will they stay true when their spirits are put to the ultimate test? Or will we all soon be controlled by the invention that was intended to keep us safe? A very probable story with many valuable lessons about the competitive nature of cutting-edge research, the courage it takes to succeed both as a scientist while staying one step ahead of the spies and thieves that lurk everywhere. “The Base” is a suspenseful, gripping story with many unforgettable characters