Need a Speaker?

A pioneer in online media, Danielle Hampson created “The Authors Show ®” in 2005, years before Internet streaming radio & TV became popular, and today the show is the most professional interview program available to authors worldwide.  
Danielle is an accomplished talk show personality and a public speaker on the topics of “Increase Your Visibility Using Online Radio and TV”, “New Media Book Marketing in the 21st Century”, “How to Use Online Media to Stand Out of the Crowd” and “Networking Done the Right Way”.  
She has conducted many workshops at a variety of conferences organized by various organizations, including Sias University in China, the AZ Department of Education and the Girls Scouts..
Her presentation “How to Use Online Media to Stand out of the Crowd” explains in plain and simple English how new online media tools can be utilized to enhance the exposure of your work to the book buying public. Participants acquire a clear understanding of the value of incorporating audio/video in their book marketing strategy, they learn how to conduct a professional media interview and avoid common interview mistakes. The workshop is presented with a power point, humor, a case study and Q&A are periodically introduced to focus on specific points.


A Few Testimonials…

Danielle Hampson is a dynamic presenter who is very skilled at promoting audience participation. Through her engaging delivery style and her common sense and logical approach sprinkled with humor, she gives authors practical “how-to” solutions that are easy to implement in their individual book marketing strategies. We hired Ms. Hampson twice to speak at our Award event, and highly recommend her to other groups in need of a terrific high energy and very informative speaker.
James Ventrillo – President, Readers Favorite
Danielle Hampson, from The Author Show, presented a 90-minute workshop at the Florida Authors and Publishers Association annual conference in 2016. Her workshop was very informative, offering valuable information on promoting books using audio & video, and she gave many great tips on how to conduct a professional interview and leverage it to market our work. An interview is indeed an incredible book promotion opportunity and a fantastic tool for worldwide book recognition, and I highly recommend The Authors Show’s interview service. Danielle is easy to work with, and I was pleasantly surprised with the results of my interview too! Thank you for all your hard work, for sharing your expertise and for being so creative!”
Diane Harper, Board Member, Florida Authors and Publishers Association

I have known Danielle for a very long time and my respect for her professionalism, her knowledge of the industry, her empathetic understanding of an author's needs and the technical expertise she has, developed over the years. When she appeared onstage at my local author workshops, her ability to respond to audience questions with good information delivered in a uniquely charming way made her the 'hit' of the show. She is truly a larger-than-life inspiration, wonderful to work with. I never have trouble communicating to my authors just how much they can benefit from what Danielle offers -- and their feedback confirms my opinion over and over again. Not only is she expert at what she does, she seems constantly to be developing new and stunningly creative approaches to author marketing, which she implements with endless energy and infectious enthusiasm; she consistently produces rewarding results!
Paul McNeese, OPA Author Services


Because we write a lot and talk less, speaking behind a microphone can be uncomfortable to many authors. In her workshop presented at an Awards event during a recent book fair, Ms. Hampson explained very eloquently & effectively how to conduct a professional interview. Since I am German and living in Spain, and English not being my first language I was also happy that she delivered her presentation in a manner that was very easy to understand. When a couple of months later she interviewed me on The Authors Show, I was able to utilize the tips she gave in her workshop and make my interview the best I have ever done. The expertise that she acquired over the years can greatly benefit authors, and I strongly recommend to all to attend her workshop before being interviewed by the media.
Marc Reklau, Author – Spain
I’ve had the pleasure of hearing Danielle Hampson speak twice and each time I took away clear, useful information and guidance. Her presentations were comprehensive and concise with few distracting frills apart from her infectious brand of humour. She made a lot of sense, pointed out original solutions and book marketing strategies that I had not thought of for myself. I highly recommend Danielle who lifted my energy levels with her stimulating style.
Jane Petken, Author - United Kingdom
Danielle is an engaging speaker that I feel any audience would gain much from her topics. She is thorough in her delivery and lively while executing. She gives key strategies and provides great value to her audience. I highly recommend her to any group.
Patrice Register, EMBA, CEO of PLR Services
I have heard Danielle speak on "The Art of Networking", and it is rare to meet anyone who has the in-depth understanding of what networking really is. She speaks with passion about topics she knows well.
Linda Thompson, Small Business Owner & Author