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The rise of Nazism in Austria catapults life in Vienna into chaos. Emma grapples with the harsh new reality of her country’s betrayal, and desperately clings to her humanity by hiding her Jewish friends. In the war’s aftermath, she finds solace in helping those in even greater need than herself. Friedrich teeters on the edge of what is right and his personal survival. His actions and inaction leave long-lasting repercussions that years later threaten to throw all their lives into turmoil again A decade after the war, Sophie - Friedrich’s niece, and the daughter of Emma’s friend - returns to Vienna from her American refuge seeking her lost history.

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Sally Aderton speaking about “Energy in Motion-Evolution, Revolution and the Human Condition”

Energy in Motion: Evolution, Revolution and the Human Condition" addresses the hope of a world unified by a new understanding of consciousness. In this book, you will be presented with a clear path to the promise of a peaceful and more loving world with forgiveness as the necessary survival tool for us all. Sally Aderton illustrates her universal spiritual perspective and understanding of the human condition from her experience as a non-denominational spiritual teacher and healer. Sharing true stories about her clients on their self-discovery and healing journeys, she gives a unique insight to the decades of assisting others in having happier and more successful lives. Sally candidly talks about her own spiritual growth, personal healing, and overcoming her own obstacles to peace and understanding. Throughout the book, there is a constant message of kindness, personal responsibility, respect for all life, and self-reflection as necessities for our human culture on Earth to thrive. Sharing this wisdom, and many miraculous stories, she hopes to awaken even more people to the experience of living in Love and this book shows us all how. Directly from the back of the book, here is what you will find inside: • learning to honor and trust your intuition • an invitation to expand your perception beyond the apparent • choosing surrender and forgiveness to be free of pain from stories that no longer serve you • practicing the exercises, tools, and tips for living your unique spiritual practice and relationship to the Divine as you discover it • listening and learning from the true stories of Sally’s clients as they share their personal transformations and mystical experiences • joining Sally on her journey forward as she discovers the miracle that is life starting her worldwide healing practice at 24, surviving a brain tumor at 37, and continuing to learn to Love No Matter What!

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Joseph M Lenard speaking about “Terror Strikes”

Detroit newspaper man Marten embarks to write Terrorist Tracks, a book about Terrorism. Follow him, his family, friend Nic (FBI), visit Nevada, Illinois, Ontario Canada, London Britain, Madrid Spain, Tokyo Japan, as he researches for his book. This is NOT a book about death, but one about LIFE (and Living) and of those (foreign and domestic) that would deprive others of that Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness. This book is intended for all audiences - young, old, and everywhere in-between; male, female, not just for macho shoot-em-up, blood and guts, fare; religious, non-religious; political, non-political. However, it is impossible to address the topics and why they want to kill us without delving into some religious texts and politics. The Torah, the Holy Bible, and the Quran, are all addressed. Terror Strikes is not just a book, but a book within a book as the lead, Marten a newspaper man, is writing a book about terrorism. It is also a blog, within a book, as Marten uses his blog as some source material. Terror Strikes not only acts as a history lesson and warning, but concepts of not just those lost but survivors guilt (and the difficult topic of many having suicidal thoughts) and other related issues surrounding violent acts effecting everyday life. 

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Evelyn M. Leite speaking about “Just Fine Thank You”

Born in South Dakota at a time when America was reeling from a dust bowl, depression and a second world war, Evelyn Jones Leite lived with Mamma, Edith Jones, a socialite who marries her Daddy, a broke but charming southerner, Lon Jones.

Unbeknown to her the Daddy she adores drinks a little too much, And his Jekyll and Hyde behavior breaks her heart often.

At the age of 5, she moves from a log cabin on a hilltop deep in the woods where she hears mountain lions, to a small town where she lives by a Morgue and encounters her first sexual pervert there.

The second world war has a huge impact on her family as they experience blackouts, poverty and rations.

An often bedridden Mama, is a special challenge that forces Evelyn to help tend her younger brothers. She completely adores her older brother Ted even though he is often mean, she begs for attention in both subtle and overt ways.

When she is 6 years old her Daddy gives away her precious dog and moves his family to a farm on orders from her mother’s wealthy father.

On the farm, she experiences, neglect, a pedophiliac hired man, mind rape and, yet-there are big family happy times when relatives swarm the farm and bring mountains of food.

Evelyn Leite’s true story of growing up in a turbulent family during the 40s and 50s compellingly captures the reader who is captivated by feeling the gamut of confusion and despair, sorrow and tears, then unexplainable hope and optimism.

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D. Terrence Foster, MD speaking about “THE STRESS BOOK: Forty-Plus Ways to Manage Stress & Enjoy Your Life”

Are you experiencing so much stress in your life that it is so overwhelming that you feel your life is over? Or are you trying desperately to avoid that condition? Well, look no further!
This book takes a comprehensive approach to stress management and how modifying your lifestyle and taking practical steps can significantly reduce the level of stress you are experiencing. More than forty approaches to stress reduction management and prevention are covered in this book, giving you an in-depth framework applicable to most lives and circumstances.
For example, it helps people struggling with self-destructive behavior, stressful job, having difficulty intentionally making decisions, struggling with toxic relationships, and many other challenging situations.
You will also be introduced to a "new relationship mental disorder called Abstract Kidnapping Disorder – A.K.D."
This book also provides you with many opportunities to simplify the management of stress by using the acronym S.T.R.E.S.S. and incorporating any of the forty-plus actions included. In addition, you are provided with practical ideas, solutions, or options that, when applied, are likely to result in the reduction or prevention of your stress. This book is intended to significantly improve people's lives at any level of society who may be experiencing stress in their personal, business, or professional lives. I trust that it will make a difference in yours.
Thank you for taking the journey to improve stress in your life and for reading this book.

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Donna Louis speaking about “Book of Proverbs: Proverbs for the Modern Day”

Book of Proverbs – Wisdom vs. Wilderness delves into the necessity of obtaining wisdom. The primary purpose of the Book of Proverbs is to teach wisdom to everyone. The Book of Proverbs provides intellectual depth and insights and exceptional wisdom on how to live a fortunate and tranquil life, by honoring and respecting God as omnipotent. God wants us to live a life like Christ and to do that we need to aspire to have wisdom. King Solomon was the wisest man that ever lived. God gifted him with unsurpassed wisdom. King Solomon is credited with writing chapters 1-29 in The Book of Proverbs. Book of Proverbs – Wisdom vs. Wilderness discusses all chapters in Proverbs 1-31 and brings insight, clarity, and basic meaning to several verses in each chapter to solidify why wisdom is essential and mandatory in life, so you can have a blessed life versus living destitute, empty, and obsolete.

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Cynthia Fabian speaking about “Figure Eight”

The Math Doesn’t Add Up for Young Max, Who Has Dyscalculia Figure Eight is an insightful book for young readers that tells the story of why Max can’t do math as easily as his friends. At 11 years old, Max is struggling in school because the numbers he sees in class get all jumbled up in his head. He explains: “An eighty-one might look like an eighteen to me like they were switched at birth. I’m sure you get it by now. I am numerically challenged. I have dyscalculia, a disorder that (they tell me) means I have a problem grasping numbers. Sometimes they slip from my mind like water from a sieve, and somehow, I am just left with a gaping hole.” Max’s middle school friends meet to help each other solve their individual problems. Eric has dyslexia, which makes it hard for him to read or interpret words because the letters get mixed up in his brain. It’s the same thing for Max, except for him it’s with numbers. This realistic book shows what caring people can do to help each other through their challenges. Watch for the video book trailer.

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Cheryl Carpinello speaking about “The Atlantean Horse, book 1 of Feathers of the Phoenix”

Ancient Mystery. Mystical Prophecy. Biblical Horsemen. One Epic Task The Task: Find and retrieve the Five Feathers of the fabled Phoenix to raise Atlantis so its people can return home. The Chosen: Rosa & Jerome: Two cousins as close as sister and brother. Called by a visitor from a mythical city, they embark upon a perilous quest to retrieve the first Feather. Little do they realize that something more personal awaits them amid the danger. Rosa’s kept her special gift hidden from all, kept it far in the Past, but now it will have to be revealed. Jerome’s yet to discover his special gift. The Opponents: The Four Deadly Horsemen of the Apocalypse, vessels of evil and greed, will stop at nothing, not even murder, to possess the Feathers. Join Rosa & Jerome as they risk all in their search for the First Feather!