The Radio Murders

By Kelly Marshall


When I spoke with Ms. Marshall for, we talked about The Radio Murders and I learned that hosting radio shows was in her DNA. That experience shows throughout her story. Murder, however, is the theme of this book and Homicide Detectives Nick Winston and Pat Strom are a team. As opposite as two people can be, these two have a very comfortable working relationship until Jasmine (our radio show host) arouses the interest of both. Jasmine plays on both sides and Nick, the randy detective thinks he’s in love. Admitted lesbian, Pat, is also turned on by Jasmine and solving not only Jasmine’s murder, but others associated with her, becomes a challenge. These two characters are well-defined, the story is detailed, suspenseful, and (at times) hilarious. I can only hope that Ms. Marshall brings back Pat and Nick for more tales of murder and mayhem. 

Book reviewed by Linda Thompson
United States