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Mara Purl
Milford-Haven Audio Drama-Season 1
Audio Drama

The Milford-Haven, U.S.A. - BBC Radio Drama - A hit soap opera from the 1990's.

Small-town simplicities . . . Global complexities.
An interconnected web of characters, each with a quirky perspective, a passion for life, and a sense that all their dreams can come true in Milford-Haven....

Season 1 - 10 episodes

When the Angel Sent Butterflies

Jody Sharpe
When the Angel Sent Butterflies

Children need to know love from their parents and others surrounds them.  Love conquers fear and believing that angels are near can help sweep any childhood fear away. In this story Angel Ken’s sending Jones and Kate butterflies was my example of sending love.

The Annie Tillery Series

Linda Maria Frank
Annie Tillery Series
Young Adult

The Annie Tillery Mystery by LINDA MARIA FRANK, is a winning  “Editor’s Choice” and “Rising Star” from iUniverse.  The series includes "The Madonna Ghost", "Girls with Pencil, Drawing", "Secrets in the Fairy Chimneys", "Mystery of the Lost Avenger". 

Linda Maria Frank won the 2018 Top Female Author Award, in the Young Adult category.

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