The Authors Show Store - FAQ for Authors and Publishers


1. Who May Become a Member of The Authors Show store?

  • Authors and indie publishers from around the world.


2. Do you accept Digital Products (DP) in English and foreign languages?

  • Yes we do.  We currently accept titles in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.


3. I Sell from My Website/Another Platform, May I Also Join The Authors Show®, and Why Should I? 

  • That is great and you should continue to do that as the more platforms your work is seen on, the better, and yes you may sign up here too. But first, please make sure to check any distribution agreement you may have with other parties for possible exclusivity and/or other clauses;
  • Our global ranking is well within the 0.1 % websites that enjoy 50% of the global internet traffic, which adds more visibility for you;
  • We continuously promote our platform to many thousands of book fans, which provides added exposure opportunities to participants;
  • For each title you submit you will receive an image to promote the sale of that title; use it in your own promotional efforts to encourage readers to purchase from our store so you may collect 100% of the sales price (see reduced size sample below);
The Magic of Empathy
  • We will add that same image to our #ReadABook campaign;
  • See below the financial advantage you gain when you join The Authors Show Store!


4. What Is the Membership Cost and What Does It Include? Prices in US$ - Scroll to the bottom of this page for details for mixing DP in different languages

  • Books only - annual membership for 1 title: $29 - 2 titles: $52 - 3 titles: $73 
    • each additional book: $10
    • each additional language: $10 per title 
  • Audio Dramas - annual membership per title for one season: $69. Each additional season for the same title: $29;
  • Each book title may be submitted in any and all accepted file formats as described above (i.e. submitting 1 book title in 3 formats cost only $29 per year for all 3 formats).

SUBMIT YOUR PAYMENT HERE - for purchases of more than 3 titles, please email us with number ot titles, title names, languages (if not English), so we may issue an invoice. 


5. What Products Do You Accept?

  • Books (eBooks, audio books) and Audio Dramas, referred here as Digital Products (DP);
  • DP may be submitted in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish (more languages to be added later).
  • Accepted file formats: PDF, ePub, Mobi, MP3.

SUBMIT YOUR TITLE HERE - 1 title per submission


6. May I Submit My Book If It Is Available in Print Only?

  • No.  The Authors Show Store is for digital products only.


7. How Do I Get Paid for the Sale of My DP and Does The Authors Show Keep Any Royalties?

NO, we do not keep any royalties. In fact, we never collect the money paid by the buyers - you do.  When buyers purchase your DP, 100% of the sales proceeds paid by the buyers goes directly to you, the seller. 


8. How Does the Payment Actually Work?

Buyers may pay via credit card or a PayPal account. We are never involved in any payment transaction. All transactions are electronically processed directly from the buyers to your PayPal account. Any potential buyer refund request must be directed to you and handled by you since you are the seller.


9. I don’t have a PayPal account. How May I Participate?

Connect to and sign up for a BUSINESS account (free). This is very important - you MUST have a business account, not a personal account, in order to get paid directly by the buyers.  See a PayPal How To video here.


10. My PayPal Account Is a Personal One, Now What?

Contact PayPal and ask them to convert your personal account to a business account. It is a very quick and simple procedure.


11. How Is the Money Deposited to My PayPal Account?

When we receive your membership payment and DP submission, we will email you the complete detailed instructions on how to connect your PayPal account to our store.

Very important:  the codes generated by PayPal allow ELECTRONIC DEPOSITS FROM THE BUYERS only, they do NOT give us access to your account at any time.


12. Mixing Digital Products in Multiple Languages

Example: one title available in 3 languages = 3 separate titles.

When purchasing a membership for more than 1 title, you may submit each title in a different language.

For example: A Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens, published in multiple languages.  If Mr. Dickens were still alive and wished to submit “A Christmas Carol” in digital format in 4 different languages, he would have to submit his book as 4 separate titles.