Karen Hamilton-Viall, United Kingdom

Interviewed by Don McCauley
Publisher: Cranthrope Millner

The Curious Life Of Ada Baker

  • Paranormal/Supernatural


Ada Baker is a gifted psychic who shares her home with three bored ghosts. They tempt her into investigating the mysterious death of Mary Watts, who is found naked and strangled in her bathtub. This begins a series of exciting adventures for Ada as she draws on her unique skill of channelling the abilities of the dead to help solve the crime. She must convince a sceptical detective of her abilities, avoid the unwanted attentions of a sinister stalker, and try to enlist the help of a squadron of ghostly spitfire pilots to save her life. Along the way Ada finds love, adventure, fame and new friendships. Can the dead really bring justice for Mary and help save the living, too? Will Ada solve the crime, or will her curiosity mean she’ll end up a victim of the murderer and become a ghost herself?