Rana Bitar, USA

Interviewed by Don McCauley
Publisher: Indie Author

The Long Tale of Tears and Smiles

  • Biography / Memoir


The Long Tale of Tears and Smiles chronicles an oncologist's journey as an immigrant: from Damascus to ‎Aleppo to St Louis to New Orleans to NJ, and then NY; from a medical student to a trainee to a ‎practitioner caring for cancer patients and their families and watching the field of oncology ‎evolves throughout the years. ‎ The tale interweaves the author's life stories with the stories of the patients she cared for. It reflects on ‎how bearing witness to their survival or death inspired her life and changed it and how their ‎anguish touched so closely on her own as she grieved the death of loved ones and watched the ‎devastation of destruction and loss caused by the civil war in Syria.