Linville M. Meadows, M.D., USA

Interviewed by Don McCauley
Publisher: Indie Author

A Spiritual Pathway to Recovery from Addiction, A Physician's Journey of Discovery

  • Self-Help


A SPIRITUAL PATHWAY TO RECOVERY FROM ADDICTION is the memoir of a group of physicians going through an intensive rehab program for addiction to drugs and alcohol. It is presented as a collection of their stories and the lessons they encountered during their time together. It is a step by step guide to understanding the disease of addiction and how to treat it.

Here you will discover how to overcome alcoholism and drug addiction through the use of spiritual tools-a simple and successful treatment that works for impaired physicians and can be used by anyone.

You will find answers to these questions: Am I an alcoholic? Am I an addict?  How did I get this disease? Can it be cured?  Will I ever be able to drink socially again?

How can I get over this insane craving?  How can spiritual principles help me?  What is a Higher Power, and why do I need one?

Topics covered include: The disease concept of addiction  -  Overcoming the uncontrollable craving  -  Finding the openness, honesty, and willingness to change  -  Dealing with past mistakes and removing character defects  -  Exchanging my old addictive ways of thinking for healthier ones  -  Finding spiritual principles I can live by  -  Living without fear or worry  -  Finding happiness within myself

Addiction occurs among physicians at the same rate as in the general population, about 10%. Unlike the general population, however, an intensive rehabilitation program, geared specifically for their profession, vastly improves their chances of finding long-term sobriety. Over 70% of these physicians will be clean and sober-and practicing medicine-five years later.