Kathy J Forti, USA

Interviewed by Don McCauley
Publisher: Indie Author

STACKS Library of Truth

  • Science Fiction


STACKS Library of Truth is a fast-paced, thought-provocative story that is tailored for fans of the X-Files who want to know more about the alien forces that exist beyond our conceptions. The story revolves around a library employee at the Library of Congress who accidentally unearths a dark agenda by those in power. Uncovered in the Library of Truth are the goods on all world leaders, politicians, businessmen, and all those in global power positions. Everything they ever did is on record – even the things done in private that no one witnesses. This unique library also contains a file on every person – alive and dead – that ever walked the face of the Earth. When library employee, Zach Eldridge, attempts to expose the crimes of a ancient society in control of the Library of Truth, it leads to mayhem and murder within the power denizens of the Nation’s Capitol. Zach becomes the “Deep Throat” to a Washington, D.C. television reporter, which quickly puts them both in grave danger. The more Zach learns about the Library of Truth, the deeper the rabbit hole gets. STACKS Library of Truth is an enthralling, suspenseful, adventurous story where the fate of humanity rests on whether it’s too late to learn the truth – and fight back to save it. STACKS Awakening Truth is the sequel (November, 2022) that continues the story of how mankind is in jeopardy and what will have to be done to save it. The final episode in the trilogy, STACKS Truth Will Set you Free (April, 2023,) leads the reader even deeper down the rabbit hole with twists and turns and the most unique ending imaginable.