James Gilbert, USA

Interviewed by Linda Thompson
Publisher: Atmosphere Press

Murder at Amapas Beach

  • Mystery


Trouble always seems to find Amanda Pennyworth, the American Consul to the resort city of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. While on an excursion to nearby Amapas Beach in the company of a tour group from the United States, one of the guests, Danielle Overman, a beautiful and enigmatic woman, is brutally murdered, and Amanda is called on to help find the killer. Unfortunately, no one among the group has a believable alibi; everyone is a suspect, and everyone has, as Amanda discovers, a motive. The Mexican police seem unwilling to conduct a thorough investigation, and the American Ambassador is only interested in avoiding an international incident. It's up to Amanda to uncover the mystery. But the killer has further mayhem in mind, and when the action shifts back to the United States, Amanda, who is home on vacation, is once again called on to pursue the person who wanted Danielle to die and who was willing to commit a further savage crime to cover their tracks. This is the third novel in the Amanda Pennyworth mystery series, all of which take place in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.