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Madam Norma's spirit appears to her friend, Angel Ken. She asks him to write her memoir.

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Wytisha Williams speaking about “"He Wouldn't Let Me Die"!”

Young girl sexually abused by biological father.She faces a near-death experience by biological mother and older cousin.She endures bullying and abuse by family members, friends, and classmates.Her trauma begins to impact her life substantially which causes a downward spiral in her growth process and it leads her to have encounters with the legal system.She decides to leave her birth place and join the United States Army where her journey of more trauma but healing begins.Does she defy the odds or doesn't she?

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Alfred James Dansbury, Sr. speaking about “The Strength of Courage”

A young African-American soldier nearly meets his fate honoring his country in World War II and the Korean War. Suffering physical and psychological injury, he is finally, after decades able to recount the harrowing and traumatic events that took place during those years. The strength of his faith, and love for his family and country kept him alive to return home, get married and raise a family. The main character Sgt. David Henry had to fight the enemy in the field while fighting racism and prejudice from the U. S. armed forces and the American public. The book is historical fiction and partially based on accounts provided to the author by veterans of World War II and the Korean War.

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Pam Ostrowski speaking about “It's Not That Simple: Helping Families Navigate the Alzheimer's Journey”

If your loved one has been diagnosed with dementia or Alzheimer’s, be prepared for anything — it can be a shocking disease. Pam Ostrowski’s guidebook, It’s Not That Simple, walks you through what can happen and prepares you for the challenges you may face. Seemingly small tasks, such as who’s going to attend doctor's appointments or who will bathe them, become overwhelming without proper planning and support. This approximately 3-hour read provides practical tips, coping tools for caring for those with Alzheimer’s, and conversation starters for those difficult talks you may have with your loved one and family members. This knowledge allows you to anticipate and prepare for the future and reduces frustration, burnout, and compassion fatigue. Being a caregiver can be a transformational experience. This book provides a way to look at this journey a bit differently, not as a list of challenges, but as a way to expand your heart and transform the way you treat others. It provides examples on how to embrace the best mindset for dealing with this long-term disease. Your support role and responsibilities over these years are critical to all concerned. This book will help you make the best legal, logistical, medical, and emotional decisions. Learn how to communicate with Alzheimer’s sufferers, handle disagreements so they result in positive outcomes, and understand the stages and behaviors of Alzheimer’s disease. The more knowledge you have, the easier it will be to care for your loved one and offer support to everyone involved.Join Pam as she walks through her personal journey with her mother who suffered from Alzheimer’s, sharing the lessons she learned that expanded her heart and allowed her to embrace the value of compassion, empathy, and dignity over her 14-year experience.

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Barbara R. Walker, Ph.D. speaking about “Choosing Ourselves: Love and Advocacy in Overcoming a Birth Defect and the American Medical System”

In June 1970, my life was working as I’d hoped. At twenty-six, when my son Jim was born with a severe cleft lip and palate, my world turned upside down. Doctors took charge of my son’s medical needs. I felt side-lined, pressured to cope silently and without support. I recoiled when I saw my ten-day-old infant’s battered face after the first surgery. Feedings were traumatic, and I feared Jim would fail to thrive. Emotions I’d never felt before – disappointment, guilt, helplessness, self-loathing, resentment -- overwhelmed me. I shrank from the inevitable stares and insensitive comments. I worried that I had caused Jim’s cleft. My husband was consumed by medical training, so I was on my own for Jim’s medical appointments and hospitalizations. A surgeon dismissed my concerns and efforts. I yearned to be the mother my son needed but could not imagine ever being a positive force in his life. My husband and an insightful pediatrician helped pull me out of this downward emotional spiral and I was able to see the ways I was becoming a competent caregiver. I lost ground when a pediatrician, upset at Jim’s noncompliance, told me I was failing to discipline Jim adequately. Then, I was sure I’d lost Jim’s trust forever when he was four. Without pre-surgical counsel, I had not known to prepare him for how bruised and swollen his face would be immediately after surgery to revise a distorted lip scar. Gradually, I began to advocate for more support to help us weather stressful and often painful experiences. It was a momentous day when I insisted, despite a doctor’s resistance, on a referral for counseling to help Jim deal with depression...

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Elizabeth A. Carter, PhD speaking about “Gaining A.C.C.E.S.S. to Lead Others: 14 Activities critical to continuous evolution & success for self”

Being a leader is a scary thought. You are responsible for individuals who are not related to you and whom you cannot control 100%. This group of people does not look like you, think like you, talk like you, or have the same interests as you. These people may not even like you. Yet, somehow, you have to get them to follow you. Most of these same statements hold true for your role when you are being led. There is someone responsible for leading you. You cannot control, speak, or even think like that person. How can we effectively survive to do and be our best every day?

In this second book of the LEAP Series, Dr. Elizabeth A. Carter once again provides you access to information based on situations that have impacted her life. Gaining A.C.C.E.S.S. to Lead Others: 14 Activities Critical to Continuous Evolution & Success for Self shines a spotlight on the three elements that have helped, hindered, and heightened her journey in leadership: chemistry, confidence, and communication. Including motivational quotes from pioneers such as John Quincy Adams, Oscar Wilde, Plato, and Helen Keller, Dr. Carter expands her use of alliterations and acronyms to entertain and educate her readers with topics and phrases such as•First impressions: “First Flush Final”—Don’t expect the hand you were dealt to change.•Overcoming obstacles: “No Not Never”—Response is temporary, not permanent.•Working with others: “Sometimes, you must DUMB it down” (Decode for Understanding and Maximizing Buy-in).•Leading volunteers: Accountability measures needed if “there is not a process of a review, raise, or reprimand.”

At the end of each section, there are reflection questions, and the last chapter helps you decide what actions you will take next. Get “access-smart” and let chemistry, confidence, and communication increase your effectiveness when leading others and being led.

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Grace Blair speaking about “Einstein's Compass a YA Time Traveler Adventure”

Einstein’s Compass by Grace Blair is a “YA Time Traveler Adventure.” Historical fantasy science fiction. The book intertwines events in Albert Einstein’s life with fantastical elements while including scientific concepts. Topics that emerge include coming of age, antisemitism, and bullying. Most of us are familiar with Einstein’s legacy as a scientific genius and a giant of physics. But where did his ideas originate? How can one person be so brilliant? Imagine he has been reborn into the modern world after living the life of a spiritual leader in ancient Atlantis, where science and the divine made sense. Einstein’s Compass centers on Albert, his friend Johann, a classmate named Werner Von Weisel, and two villains named Raka and Countess Victoria von Baden. As a young boy, Albert’s father gave him a jeweled compass. We later learn the compass originally belonged to Countess von Baden’s family. It has magical qualities which only Albert and Johann are aware of. Raka, Albert’s twin brother thousands of years ago, has always been jealous of Albert and wishes him harm. Raka learns the compass contains a powerful stone called the Shamir stone, and he uses Werner and the Countess to exact revenge and take the compass for himself. The book includes “Mystical Travelers” famous biblical and scientific persons like Moses, Jesus, and Newton, who guide Albert along the path to rediscovering his forgotten knowledge destined to affect the word. Einstein’s Compass is a fascinating blend of the factual and the fantastical with enough of the metaphysical to leave readers wondering what is possible and what is reality. Imagine that a Wrinkle in Time meets The Chronicles of Narnia with a little Harry Potter thrown into the mix. “The more I learn of physics, the more I am drawn to metaphysics.” – Albert Einstein It is part science, part science fiction, part fantasy, part thriller, and all fun for young adults on up.

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Don A. Holbrook speaking about “Ghost of the Rio Grande”

A wrongfully accused Tejano ranch hand is hunted by the Texas Rangers for murder. He evades the Rangers and becomes the most wanted man in Texas in 1915. He is nicknamed the Ghost for his ability to avoid capture and expose the Texas Rangers corruption. He becomes a folk hero to the oppressed Tejanos.

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S.G. Blaise speaking about “True Teryn”


Lilla must recruit the biggest and most dangerous army in the Seven Galaxies, but the Teryn emperor will not comply unless Lilla earns the blessing of the Teryn Guardian Goddess Laoise. Dealing with gods is never easy. Guardian Goddess Laoise’s condition for bestowing her blessing is for Lilla to bring her the mysterious Heart Amulet. Now Lilla is trapped in a strange place with no way out, no idea where to go or how to find the amulet. The only way for Lilla to complete her mission is to uncover the biggest secret of all Teryns. Will she survive discovering the secret of what it means to be a True Teryn?

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Ian T Gwilliams speaking about “U-boat 931 Attack on America”

March 1944, Germany is losing the war. Nazi scientists are constructing a deadly weapon in a secret laboratory under the guidance of the SS. Ahron Roth, commander of U-931 fears for the fate of Germany, the devastation that will come with the upcoming allied invasion. Ordered back early from patrol to Saint-Nazaire, France he discovers his secret love Ginette, a young French girl has been spirited away by her father. Taken to the Reichstag in Berlin, Roth, born in Germany, raised in America and speaks English is ordered on a special mission, one that will change the war back in Germany's favour. The plan is to take two SS officers, Fuchs and Vogel, in U-931, together with a ‘dirty (black) bomb’ and deploy it in Washington D.C. The ‘dirty bomb’ is part of a deception as it will be simultaneously detonated alongside three V1 rockets, launched on the capital from modified type XX1 U-boats, located off the eastern seaboard. The Nazi’s believe they can dupe America into believing Germany can launch a nuclear strike on the U.S and this will stop the invasion or change the terms of surrender. Himmler is overseeing the operation, but is distancing himself. He is considering other types of attack on America, believing that Germany can launch their own ‘Pearl Harbour.’ A reconnaissance plane spots U-931 at Peenemunde rocket facility on the Baltic coast where the ‘dirty bomb’ is to be loaded. Rear Admiral Sullivan, R.N, organises an air attack on the sub, which is unsuccessful. U-931 disappears and its whereabouts are unknown. H.M.S Zenobia, a flower class corvette, commanded by captain David Prince is proceeding to Portsmouth, preparing to take part in the upcoming invasion. U-931 and H.M.S Zenobia approach the English Channel at the same time, unaware of each other. Zenobia attacks U-931 but is outwitted by Roth and is sunk. SS major Fuchs orders the sub to the surface as the ship sinks. A lifeboat, carrying survivors including captain Prince drifts towards the sub. Fuchs and Vogel open fire in a murderous attack. Prince isn’t killed straight away and returns fire, killing Vogel. The sub disappears again, but Fuchs orders Roth that because of his upbringing in the U.S, he will take the place of Vogel. MI6 intercepts a one word coded message from U-931, ‘Surtr,’ which describes a German God and a black armageddon. Sullivan hunts the missing Roth for the murder of Zenobia's crew. O.S.S contacts Sullivan and explains possible links to a potential sub-launched rocket attack on the invasion forces and U-931’s possible connection. Meanwhile another U-boat with the number U-931, limps into La Rochelle, France as part of a German deception. The real U-931, now disguised as a U.S submarine, approaches a secluded inlet on the American coast. U-931 cannot be found, so the OSS dismisses it as a threat. In Carolina, Roth, Fuchs and the ‘dirty bomb’ are unloaded. Two small boys see the sub; Roth stops Fuchs from killing them. Roth tells Schmitt, the boat's chief, to search the sub, as he believes Fuchs has planted a bomb on board. He tells Schmitt to sail to Argentina, not France, as he fears for the lives of the crew if they return home. Roth and Fuchs travel to Washington in a truck with the bomb hidden amongst crates of ‘Camel’ cigarettes. Both men have conflicting views over the morals of the mission and argue. Stopping to refuel on a deserted road, their truck breaks down but a young man stops to help, Fuchs kills the lad, justifying the murder as they need his truck. The codeword ‘Surtr’ is sent to the three awaiting subs to launch the V1’s at 0700. The moment to detonate the ‘dirty bomb’ arrives, but Roth's conscience wins and as he tries to stop Fuchs, a fight ensues; Fuchs is killed. The V1’s are launched, but one blows up killing all on board. The other two reach Washington and explode. Roth drives away from the city. He disposes of the bomb and heads south, with ideals of getting back to home and Ginette, still unsure if he’s done the right thing for his country. A day before the Washington attack a biological weapon (the one that was described in the prologue) is activated by two more SS officers at Grand Central station, New York. This weapon releases a slow acting plague or ‘black death’ pathogen which infects hundreds of unaware train passengers in the station.The two men escape to Florida, unaware that they are also contaminated, as the device was designed to release the agent onto them also, infecting more people as they travel south. They are to rendezvous with a sub, U-931; to take them back home, something Himmler has made sure couldn’t happen, he had planned that the two SS officers would spread the disease down south through America, part of his master plan to bring America down. This would be the Nazi’s Pearl Harbour.

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Bill Humbert speaking about “EXPECT SUCCESS! The Science Of The Over 50 Career Search”

Many people as they approach 50 years old or are in their 50s, 60s, and today, even their 70s, are afraid their careers ended when they had to leave intentionally or by being laid off. This is far from the truth! With 40+ years of Expert Professional Recruiting experience mingled with 26+ years of Expert Career Coaching Experience, Bill is uniquely qualified to Author, Speak, and Coach professionals on their Career Search. As a Recruiter, he knows the landscape behind the HR curtain - and it is not pretty for anyone searching for a new position. Salary Negotiation? Bill uses his experience to assist you in your salary negotiations and provides a Salary Negotiation Script. Throughout his book, Bill provides stories to illustrate the success of the candidates he coached - well, the ones who listened. You will learn about a few candidates who chose to ignore his coaching. "EXPECT SUCCESS! The Science Of The Over 50 Career Search" has in only 4 months after release received the following recognition: 4 Star Review from Clarion Reviews 5 STAR Review from Joe Wisinski at Readers' Favorite: Book Reviews and Award Contests (and entered into the Award Contest.) Recognized by The C-Suite Network as one of the 100+ Best Business Books This book is written in a Step by Step Guide to finding your next position or your next Career. It is unique because, beginning with the Cover, there are QR codes sprinkled through the book. Many of the QR codes lead to one of the 135 Television interviews where Bill (RecruiterGuy) is a guest. During the interview, they go into further detail on the appropriate topic. Follow the coaching in this book to identify, receive an appropriate offer, and grow your career. If you network faithfully with 4 new networking contacts daily, you will find your next position in 90 days.