Channel 3 — June 4, 2023

Meteorologist and psychic, Gayle Force proves a force to be reckoned with as she moves back to her beloved Mystic Bay, California. While sleeping an angel sent her a vision in a dream of a future event. Gayle realizes she must use her intuition to save an old man from drowning. But who is this old man? With the help of intuitive attorney, Alex Kinght, she finds they are caught in the middle of a future crime.

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Pam Ostrowski speaking about “It's Not That Simple: Helping Families Navigate the Alzheimer's Journey”

If your loved one has been diagnosed with dementia or Alzheimer’s, be prepared for anything — it can be a shocking disease. Pam Ostrowski’s guidebook, It’s Not That Simple, walks you through what can happen and prepares you for the challenges you may face. Seemingly small tasks, such as who’s going to attend doctor's appointments or who will bathe them, become overwhelming without proper planning and support. This approximately 3-hour read provides practical tips, coping tools for caring for those with Alzheimer’s, and conversation starters for those difficult talks you may have with your loved one and family members. This knowledge allows you to anticipate and prepare for the future and reduces frustration, burnout, and compassion fatigue. Being a caregiver can be a transformational experience. This book provides a way to look at this journey a bit differently, not as a list of challenges, but as a way to expand your heart and transform the way you treat others. It provides examples on how to embrace the best mindset for dealing with this long-term disease. Your support role and responsibilities over these years are critical to all concerned. This book will help you make the best legal, logistical, medical, and emotional decisions. Learn how to communicate with Alzheimer’s sufferers, handle disagreements so they result in positive outcomes, and understand the stages and behaviors of Alzheimer’s disease. The more knowledge you have, the easier it will be to care for your loved one and offer support to everyone involved.Join Pam as she walks through her personal journey with her mother who suffered from Alzheimer’s, sharing the lessons she learned that expanded her heart and allowed her to embrace the value of compassion, empathy, and dignity over her 14-year experience.

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Anthony Rondeau speaking about “What I Know (So Far) ”

As a seasoned, but ever-hopeful pragmatist dad, I’m not terribly confident they paid attention the first (second or third) times I’ve said them. Sometimes/Oftentimes, I feel like the proverbial fallen tree in the woods. Did my children understand what I said? Did they even listen? Did I at least make a loud, discordant thud? Ultimately, I view this book as a testament and as a gift to my children. They should know three things: 1) Dad was here. 2) Lead a good and well-lived life. 3) Abundantly and ten-to-the-nth-power tenfold, I love them. I offer this on behalf of our shared hugs and smiles, and on behalf of the tears I have shed for them and with them.

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Deb Radcliff speaking about “Breaking Backbones: Information Is Power”

A hacker war seventeen years in the making erupts after GlobeCom takes over the world through human chip implants.

As dozens of hacker strike teams around the world attempt to relieve GlobeCom of its iron grip on humanity through a coordinated attack on its data centers, Cy is gravely injured and her husband is killed in the attack.

At his funeral, Cy learns the hacker clans are now going after her secret spouse, a chief security officer from GlobeCom's China hub who has been anonymously feeding the clans inside information to aid their cause. Without any idea the China hub's CSO is their secret source of information, the hackers leave in the middle of the night to intercept him at the DC hub. Cy realizes they are most likely walking into a turf war between global powers with deep resources and state-of-the-art weaponry. With time running out, Cy must dispatch another team to rescue her secret husband and the clan members converging in DC before she loses nearly everyone she holds dear.

In this exciting cyberthriller, investigative reporter Deb Radcliff tells a gripping story that raises important questions around invasions of privacy in a global bid for power through the use of technology.

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James Vogelzang speaking about “Come and See: An Invitation to Reclaim Your Life's Balance”

Come and See is not a self-help book—just the opposite. It is an invitation to consider a solution that demands: no achievements, striving, or, performance hurdles. The book explores: a) taking charge of the regrets from your past, b) healing from emotional and spiritual disillusionment, c) the power of forgiveness—for yourself and others. This book offers you a solution to the emotional vertigo you are feeling but cannot identify. Come and See proposes a cure that is candid, somewhat uncomfortable and quite possible scary. This book does not preach, judge, or emotionally manipulate, but rather, respectfully proposes a surprising solution to women’s disequilibrium allowing grace and forgiveness to be felt again…or perhaps for the first time.

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Karen Hamilton-Viall speaking about “The Curious Life Of Ada Baker”

Ada Baker is a gifted psychic who shares her home with three bored ghosts. They tempt her into investigating the mysterious death of Mary Watts, who is found naked and strangled in her bathtub. This begins a series of exciting adventures for Ada as she draws on her unique skill of channelling the abilities of the dead to help solve the crime. She must convince a sceptical detective of her abilities, avoid the unwanted attentions of a sinister stalker, and try to enlist the help of a squadron of ghostly spitfire pilots to save her life. Along the way Ada finds love, adventure, fame and new friendships. Can the dead really bring justice for Mary and help save the living, too? Will Ada solve the crime, or will her curiosity mean she’ll end up a victim of the murderer and become a ghost herself?

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Jason Davis speaking about “Mythion: Human Transformation”

Mythion is Gavin’s journey through time and space to discover himself, his mission, and how to free humanity from its mental programming. When he comes to in a hospital with no memory of how he got there, he soon finds himself being gently forced into an RPG therapeutic marvel to heal his deepest emotional traumas. The RPG takes place in a quantum generated alternate world, a lush and gorgeous utopia, with its own AI citizens, laws, and culture. As Gavin earns both mental and physical upgrades, he undergoes superhero-like exercises, earning many achievements in the game world and unlocking new abilities in the real world. But he soon realizes something dark is happening in the background when a shadowy military organization begins stalking him.

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Vicki Guggenbickler speaking about “I'll Never Forget you”

Willow's Aunt Lindy dies and she is very sad. Her friends and family visit Willow to comfort her by sharing their memories of Aunt Lindy. Through captivating drawings of dogs and cats and simple language, this book can help you guide your child through their experience with death. We hope that Willow and her friends inspire your child to share memories of their loved one often with friends and family so death stinks less!

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Alle C. Hall speaking about “As Far as You Can Go Before You Have to Come Back”

Nominated for The National Book Award, Alle C. Hall’s literary fiction debut, As Far as You Can Go Before You Have to Come Back is a-girl-and-her-backpack story with a #MeToo influence: Carlie is not merely traveling. A child sexual abuse survivor, as a teen she steals ten thousand dollars and runs away to Asia. There, the Lonely Planet path of hookups, heat, alcohol, and drugs takes on a terrifying reality. Landing in Tokyo in the late 1980s, Carlie falls in with an international crew of tai chi-practicing backpackers. With their help, Carlie has the chance at a journey she didn’t plan for: one to find the self-respect ripped from her as a child and the healthy sexuality she desires.

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Damon Peel speaking about “The Killer Hunters”

What would you do if the slashers from horror movies didn't stay inside the screen? Would you run? How far could you get? Would you fight? For how long? Could you do what was needed to survive? For us none of those questions are hypothetical they are something that we have to answer day in and day out. Horror movies slashers are something that we have had to deal with for close to twenty years now. At first, we ran, wouldn't you? Then we reach a turning point where running and hiding was not cutting it anymore. No now it was time for us to take the fight to them. The killers are now the ones being hunted by us. That being said it might be time to recruit a new member, after all it is not like I will be around forever to protect Lance and stick it to the killers. Damon Peel was born in Bedford, Indiana, but spent most of his childhood in Texas. As he neared adulthood he would move back to Indiana. Damon spent most of his time either watching horror movies or professional wrestling. Damon and his childhood friend would often pretend at night that they were in a horror movie. This game or activity would continue for Damon as he grew up. He would also attend college majoring in history due to his love of ancient mythologies.

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Tom Burkhalter speaking about “We Live In Fame”

The 8th AF daylight bombing campaign is plagued by heavy losses and low accuracy. When Churchill convinces Roosevelt to switch to night bombing, Major Charles Davis flies with RAF Bomber Command to learn first-hand the techniques of RAF Bomber Command. The risks are great, and the question is, will Charlie survive long enough to report back to the Air Corps?