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I'm an author (5 books) and writer of countless articles and a weekly blog at Partly writing is a therapy to get things off my chest that disturb me or impress me that I have to write about. In the PR firm I started when I left NBC, I'm forever "polishing" press releases, media pitches, PR proposals. "Dad, can you polish this, meaning can I make it more effective, engaging, inspiring. So I polish . . . and polish words, sentences, paragraphs, hence came my latest book WORDSHINE MAN about how to make writing inviting.

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Jody Sharpe speaking about “Summer of Angels”

Meteorologist and psychic, Gayle Force proves a force to be reckoned with as she moves back to her beloved Mystic Bay, California. While sleeping an angel sent her a vision in a dream of a future event. Gayle realizes she must use her intuition to save an old man from drowning. But who is this old man? With the help of intuitive attorney, Alex Kinght, she finds they are caught in the middle of a future crime.

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Martin Klubeck speaking about “The Adventures of Sir Locke the Gnome”

The Adventures of Sir Locke the Gnome is an anthology of six mysteries in the spirit of Sherlock Holmes. Join Sir Locke and his best friend Latswin Gilshire as they solve mysteries throughout Aethrofell, a land full of men, women, dragons, dwarves, elves, orcs, ogres, giants, and of course gnomes. If you enjoy role playing sword & sorcery games and quick-paced mysteries, chances are you'll love the adventures of Sir Locke the Gnome.

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L. J. Goodman speaking about “The Last Advocate”

In a desolate future where Earth is divided into zones of despair and privilege, Doctor Marcus Jarret has a life most can only dream of in the elite crystal zone. But when Anja, the woman he loves, vanishes, Marcus is thrust into the unstable yellow zone, a territory teeming with secrets. Accompanied by Finch, a watchful Associate Advocate, Marcus stumbles upon a horrifying truth—plans to wipe out entire zones and their desperate inhabitants. With the fate of humanity hanging by a thread, they must unravel a conspiracy led by the enigmatic Leader and make agonising sacrifices. Narrated by the Last Advocate, an unborn entity observing humanity’s final gambit, this gripping tale reveals shocking truths about our past, present, and a perilous future. Can Marcus and Finch defy fate and prevent a cataclysm before time runs out?

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Ronteé Marshall speaking about “His Healing By Perfect Love”

When a crisis in the family occurs, Alexander Copeland returns to the one place he has been running from his entire adult life ‒ back home to Canada. He hasn’t seen that place since he was seventeen and he would rather be sailing in solitude on the high seas in London than on a plane ride back to his guilty past. Fear grabs a hold of him as guilt eats away at his heart. What will his family say when he arrives after all these years? And what about the gorgeous, Costa Rican brunette he’s fallen for while on vacation? What will she think of him now after his secret is finally spilt? He certainly had not planned to find her in Canada! Georgia Adams is not at all excited about her trip to Canada. She isn’t keen on the idea of traveling to a foreign country but her best friend Samantha thinks the three-month trip will do her well. Who knows? Maybe God provided the opportunity. Leaving Costa Rica to work as a counsellor at Camp Muskoka Oaks won’t be so bad, and maybe the kids and summer fun will help her get her mind off Alexander Copeland - the man she’s hopelessly fallen for. Without any warning, he left her life just as quickly as he came in, leaving her with nothing but a confused mind and a broken heart. Georgia is ready to move on. So, what will she do when she finds Alexander at the same camp she’s working at? He is the last person she expects to find there. What is God doing in her life?

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Elaine Cougler speaking about “My Story, My Song”

My Story, My Song tells the fascinating tale–sometimes sweet and sometimes not–of the eldest daughter in a family of thirteen children, nine boys and four girls, growing up in the fifties and sixties in rural Ontario. The one-room schoolhouse and the church on the hill with the huge steeple both affected the lives of all who lived in that Embro community. The memoir shows a close and caring society in the midst of a burgeoning post war economy, and the changing world that provided them all so much opportunity. Those changes wrought challenges for everyone.

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Dante - speaking about “The Base”

“The Base” From the most “Top Secret “military base in the country comes this tale of jealousy, deception, intrigue and triumph. The newest most sought-after military innovation “The Project” is about to be released, after many years of research by the military’s elite scientists. Unfortunately, there are many who seek to steal and intercept the invention for their own agenda. Written from the inside of a place that few have ever seen with the most forbidding climate to keep outsiders away we follow our developers to the completion of their mission. Their success depends on a sacred trust and ethics while they live in conditions that would try even the strongest most resolute soul. ‘The Project” must succeed or we all will fail – and it will fall into the hands of the enemy. Will they stay true when their spirits are put to the ultimate test? Or will we all soon be controlled by the invention that was intended to keep us safe? A very probable story with many valuable lessons about the competitive nature of cutting-edge research, the courage it takes to succeed both as a scientist while staying one step ahead of the spies and thieves that lurk everywhere. “The Base” is a suspenseful, gripping story with many unforgettable characters

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Nicholas Anderson speaking about “NOC Three Times: Knock-On Effect ”

"Due to censorship restrictions, a veteran of Britain’s MI6 intelligence service tells a fictionalized version of his covert action experiences" Publishers Weekly

In my days there were five classified UK Eyes Only security clearance levels. The higher you went up the secrecy ladder, the less people knew about you... I held the highest security clearance level a British intelligence officer could reach. This book, the third in the NOC Trilogy covers my last five years in the field being in charge of the 'uncammo' (not in uniform) unit of the special forces, 2003-2007, which encompassed the Iraqi War and being in the field in Afghanistan, Somalia and The Yemen, among others.

For obvious reasons I must remain anonymous. I am a British citizen and a 20-year veteran of the Secret Intelligence Service (MI6).  I did three tours of duty, first serving in 1971-1983. I was recalled into active duty in 1992-1993 and 2003-2007, and volunteered for one more operation in 2008 after retirement.  Since that time I have been granted political asylum in France, where I now reside.

The first two books are:  “NOC - Non-Official Cover: British Secret Operations and  NOC Twice: More UK Non-Official Cover Operations.

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James Vogelzang speaking about “Come and See: An Invitation to Reclaim Your Life's Balance”

Come and See is not a self-help book—just the opposite. It is an invitation to consider a solution that demands: no achievements, striving, or, performance hurdles. The book explores: a) taking charge of the regrets from your past, b) healing from emotional and spiritual disillusionment, c) the power of forgiveness—for yourself and others. This book offers you a solution to the emotional vertigo you are feeling but cannot identify. Come and See proposes a cure that is candid, somewhat uncomfortable and quite possible scary. This book does not preach, judge, or emotionally manipulate, but rather, respectfully proposes a surprising solution to women’s disequilibrium allowing grace and forgiveness to be felt again…or perhaps for the first time.

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Peter Riva speaking about “Elephant Safari; A Mbuno & Pero Thriller”

Years of filming, extreme dangers, and daring rescues have taken their toll on documentary producer Pero Baltazar and his team. To relax and reconnect with the East African wildlife they love, Pero organizes a walking safari for him, his camerawoman Nancy Breiton, and their elite guide Mbuno Waliangulu. Still, Pero has trouble truly disconnecting from work. When the team comes across a herd of elephants making their annual migration north of Lake Rudolf, Pero decides the team will film their journey from Kenya into Ethiopia along the Omo River. What begins as a peaceful trip quickly turns into a chaotic nightmare as the trio crosses paths with a crew of poachers whose ivory sales are financing terrorists. The three are determined to protect the endangered herd from slaughter, and Mbuno enlists the help of local tribesmen. But the corruption of ivory poachers has deep roots that stretch to UN refugee camps, Chinese gangs, and the Iranian elite Islamic Revolutionary Guard. Faced with overwhelming odds, the trio must now rely on Pero’s contacts in the CIA, as well as Mbuno’s skills in the bush, if they hope to ever return from this excursion alive.

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Laura Moss White speaking about “Mrs. White's Sub Snips”

These humorous substitute teaching real life experiences show fun snapshots or 'snips' into the world in which all who sub, used to sub, or has had a sub can relate to. These cartoons illustrate 15 years of subbing grades K-12. All school teachers and administrators will be able to identify with this book. Have any of these situations happened to you? You've got to read it to believe it! This is a coloring book; color with colored pencils for hours of fun.