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A transformative journey that takes you from the depths of sin, despair, and betrayal to the radiant hope found in God's redemption is what "Broken But Not Forsaken: God's Masterpiece promises. Through her inspiring testimony, Cherika Shields concisely shares how she emerged from the darkness to become a beacon of light. Reaching out to her Master in faith, she reveals how God can turn your brokenness into a masterpiece. This book is a testament to the power of resilience, forgiveness, and the boundless mercy of God. It reminds readers that no matter how broken they may feel, they are cherished works of art destined for greatness by the Master Potter Himself, Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Prepare to be empowered and restored, and discover the beauty that arises from surrendering to God's divine will through His redemptive love.

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Lisa Marie Shankles speaking about “Lies, Lust, and Larceny: How to Retire For Free in Scandinavia”

It's Dyngus Day in Buffalo, New York where identical twin sisters Lilah and Laylah Larceny (pronounced LAR -SEN-EE) are celebrating their favorite ethnic festival as they are getting ready to retire from their 30-year careers as makeover queens. The twins are similar, with some differences: One twin believes in ghosts and the other in Aliens from outer space. Unbeknownst to Lilah, her newly adopted pet cat, whom she calls Dyngus is a bit of both. One day as Lilah is watching a YouTube video, she comes up with an unusual idea about how she can retire comfortably abroad for free! But her sister Laylah who has always been competitive with her sister on the down low discovers her plan and takes off for Scandinavia without her! Travel to Norway with the Larceny twins and find out how Lilah's unusual plan unfolds!

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John William Law speaking about “Who Nuked the Duke”

The book helped inspire a film that had its world premiere at the Newport Beach Film Festival in October 2023 and closed the Palm Beach Film Festival that same month. The author appears in the film --- It's an epic tale that spans more than 30 years. As the Cold War took hold at that dawn of the 1950s the U.S. government began a program to perfect the atom bomb. The Nevada Test Site would be the prime location for testing atomic weapons on U.S. soil. A key to the program was to reduce impact to the public by having the radioactive nuclear fallout drift "downwind" into sparsely-inhabited areas of Utah. Who Nuked The Duke? looks at the program through the camera lens and filming of the 1954 RKO epic The Conqueror. The John Wayne feature, from producer Howard Hughes, would be filmed inside the infamous Snow Canyon, "a key resevoir" of nuclear fallout. As the years ticked by cast and crew would succumb, one by one, to a host of cancers. Director Dick Powell, co-star Pedro Armendariz, leading lady Susan Hayward, co-star Agnes Moorehead, and ultimately John Wayne himself. Along with countless other cast and crew, they represent a microcosm of what happened in the Utah community where the movie was filmed. Taking an objective look back at the government program, the scientific facts behind the testing and its impact on the community, as well as the lives of the Hollywood stars, Who Nuked The Duke? offers a rare look inside movie history and the Atomic Energy program. This award-winning book was first published in 2014 and has been updated in 2023. Who Nuked The Duke? was an inspiration for the film documentary Conqueor: Hollywood Fallout.

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Leslie Johansen Nack speaking about “The Blue Butterfly”

New York 1915, Marion Davies is a shy eighteen-year-old beauty dancing on the Broadway stage when she meets William Randolph Hearst and finds herself captivated by his riches, passion and desire to make her a movie star. Following a whirlwind courtship, she learns through trial and error to live as Hearst’s mistress when a divorce from his wife proves impossible. A baby girl is born in secret in 1919 and they agree to never acknowledge her publicly as their own. In a burgeoning Hollywood scene, she works hard making movies while living a lavish partying life that includes a secret love affair with Charlie Chaplin. In late 1937, at the height of the depression, Hearst wrestles with his debtors and failing health, when Marion loans him $1M when nobody else will. Together, they must confront the movie that threatens to invalidate all of Marion’s successes in the industry: Citizen Kane.

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Irv Arenberg speaking about “Love and Murder: The Last Days of Vincent Van Gogh”

2023 NYC Big Book Award Winner for Arts & Entertainment for Love and Murder. On July 29, 1890, a hot and muggy afternoon, shortly after Vincent van Gogh was laid to rest after his honor killing for “compromising” his doctor's twenty-one-year-old daughter, Marguerite, twenty-six (26) of his unknown paintings and other art material were stolen from the hotel where he had been laid out for his final viewing by his doctor and his son. This was the largest art heist of a single artist ever, and today would be worth many billions! This theft led to the Gachet art forgery ring and many fakes, forgeries, and altered provenance for years. This is the story in the book 3 of the Killing Vincent Trilogy of what happened to all this art and to Marguerite and her sad, long life without her Vincent. This book three is the finale of the Trilogy. Book one was Killing Vincent and proved forensically that it was not possible for Vincent to self-inflict his mortal wound. If Vincent did not shoot himself in the belly, (of all places) then whoever put that penetrating wound in his abdomen murdered him! Book two, Love and Murder, now in your hands answers the questions of how, why, and where Vincent van Gogh was murdered and how a brilliant cover up of the murder was accomplished by the persons of interest using the false narrative of a suicide as a martyr for his art. There is also a sneak preview of chapter one from book three The Day Vincent van Gogh was Murdered; The Honor Killing that Changed Art History Forever and Led to The Greatest Art Heist in Modern Times. Hopefully this will you excite you to put the entire Killing Vincent Trilogy together in your mind’s eye in preparation for the major movie, Finally Love.

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Carolyn Ridder Aspenson speaking about “Damaging Secrets ”

After experiencing a personal tragedy, Detective Rachel Ryder packs up and leaves Chicago for small town Georgia. She soon finds out that like the big city, small towns have big crimes. Breaking into the good ol' boy network isn't as easy as she thought. The chief and mayor would rather hide crimes than solve them, but that doesn't work for Rachel. When a city councilman is found dead, it's tagged a suicide, but Rachel knows better. Determined to find a killer her entire department, including her partner, don't think exists, What Rachel finds is more than a murder. She finds small town politics are as corrupt as the big city, and that wealthy moms can be sex traffickers too. She digs deeper and discovers the mayor's wife brings girls in to sleep with elected officials, and anyone else interested. When Rachel learns the murder is the mayor's daughter, she hits the ground running. This is the first in an 8 book series and has received multiple #1 bestseller tags on Amazon.

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Sherrida Woodley speaking about “Quick Fall of Light”

Can A Shocking Resurrection From Extinction Save Mankind?

While the world succumbs to the horrors of a great flu epidemic, a woman vows to protect the perilous fate of a bird whose existence manipulates the destiny of man.

In this suspenseful tale, part Michael Crichton, part Rachel Carson, a global virus sets the tone, but it’s a one-pound bird that determines who lives. . . and who doesn’t. Science collides head-on with the untamed in this powerful novel of redemption.

“A wonderful reading experience... I think anyone who picks up this book will be changed by it.” Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson, Ph.D., Author of When Elephants Weep and Dogs Never Lie About Love

“Quick Fall of Light shares Rachel Carson’s fears for our planet and exhibits Woodley’s own “sense of wonder,” as well as her sure instincts for mystery and suspense.” Linda Lear, Author of Rachel Carson: Witness for Nature

“A prophetic mystery and an environmental thriller, Quick Fall of Light will keep you reading and wondering.” Brenda Peterson, Author of Animal Heart

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Jamey O'Donnell speaking about “Hunting for the Lamb of God”

Synopsis As MARK JENKINS and his younger brother BRIAN play video games in their father's doomsday bunker, the power suddenly goes out. It is May 24, 2022, when most of the United States, Northern Mexico, the southern half of Canada, Cuba, Belize, and the Caribbean islands see three bright lights spanning from the East to West coasts. The one in the east appears first, followed by the west, then the third between the two. At that moment, the world takes a quantum leap backward as three nuclear warheads explode two hundred miles into space over the United States within minutes of each other. This is designed to create a super electromagnetic pulse (EMP) and cripple the US. The Northwestern Hemisphere is immediately thrown back to the Stone Age, all at the hands of Iran and North Korea, and there are no police or emergency services to come to the aid of its people. Mark and his family are horrified to see a plane has crashed near their town and realize the bunker may be needed for its original purpose rather than a games room. Mark and his neighbor JACK PRICE ride their bikes in the direction of the crash to help out and are stunned to see the widespread devastation. Jack is concerned that an EMP has occurred and is worried about how his parents will get home from their jobs at Denver General Hospital. Looking to the north, the young men can see the carnage ahead and are close enough to smell burning homes and flesh, making a stomach-churning stew of odors. Usually, the air would be filled with the sounds of sirens, but there is only silence. Both kneel, and Jack leads them in prayer for the victims before they see a MAN and a WOMAN rummaging through the pockets of the dead and erupt in outrage, scaring them off. Little do they know, money will no longer have value to them or anyone else. Back home, Mark shows Jack the bunker and takes control of the situation, rigging up his father's ham radio and asking the others to check that the flashlights are working. Jack and his sister KATE are worried about their parents, so they resolve to bike to the hospital if there is no sign of them that evening. In Washington DC, Brian and Mark's father, BILL, a government official with the Department of Agriculture, frets about his family and knows if they are to survive in Colorado, it will be because of Mark's intuitive ability to assess the situation and act accordingly. There is bedlam everywhere, and Bill worries about violent gangs targeting his family. In Colorado, Mark gets the ham radio going, and the family is stunned to hear exactly what has occurred. They have enough food and water for now, but taking on Jack and his family means the supplies are effectively cut in half. With no sign of Jack's parents, he and Mark set off to Denver General Hospital to find them. Downtown Denver feels like a warzone, with survivors stumbling around aimlessly, and the young men learn many more have died from fighting each other. Jack finds his mother JULIE in the hospital but is devastated to learn that roaming thugs have murdered his father. Mark is upset for his friend but regains his composure to grab antibiotics from the pharmacy before escorting Jack and Julie home. Jack wonders where God is, but Mark believes He is right there with them. The two families resolve to stick together for protection. A week goes by, and the country descends further into chaos, with desperate people looting and murdering to get food and water. Things are worse at night, so when most are sleeping, the desperate are on the prowl for whatever they can get. Mark's mother, VIVIAN, is attacked and afterward orders Mark to get their neighbor's shotgun for protection. PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN addresses the nation, stating that the infrastructure of America will not be coming back anytime soon. Survivors should look out for British, French, and Japanese military trucks distributing medical supplies. The two families feel that they are basically on their own and have been abandoned. As the year goes by, there are no food sources to be found anywhere, and many survivors resort to killing animals, then cannibalism. Vivian is horrified to see a WOMAN hunted and shot dead in the street before being dragged off to be eaten. A brief moment of normalcy arrives on July 4, when neighbors set off mortars in celebration. In DC, due to his position in the government, Bill is safe but worried sick about his family. He is sent to Mt. Weather, a secure facility twenty stories underground with the capacity to hold up to two thousand people, designed for all members of Congress and their families, the President, and other critical members of society integral to the rebuilding of America. It is estimated that America will lose roughly 307 million of its 350 million citizens in just a few months. In Denver, Mark is stunned to see dozens of people wearing black robes with hoods, all standing in a circle around a burning pentagram. To his horror, a child is thrown into the middle and murdered with a sword. The neighborhood has become a hunting ground and playing field for the sick and evil, which encourages the Jenkins and Price families to re-establish their connection to God. With supplies dwindling, Vivian worries whether the families will become the hunted or the hunters. The thought of killing someone innocent is abhorrent, and her depression deepens as she comes to the realization her husband Bill is not coming back to save them. In Mt. Weather, Bill is stunned to learn of a secret underground rail system that connects every major US city. The trains hover and travel up to 250 miles per hour, so Bill is determined to use it to get back to Denver and obtains permission from President Biden. In Denver, the two families are attacked by roaming hunters eager for human flesh, and Jack is forced to shoot one of them. He has saved them all but is overcome by guilt. One of the casualties of this dystopian nightmare is the innocence of children, never to return, and now Jack feels the need to find Jesus more than ever. With Mark's help, he finds the Lord and believes a miracle is around the corner. Accompanied by two SOLDIERS, Bill uses the high-tech train system to return to Denver, where an emotional reunion with his family occurs. In this place of shocking terror and loss of humanity, their love shines bright, and Bill promises to protect Jack, Rocky, and Katie as if they are his own. He immediately announces they are leaving and will take the secret train system back to DC, but the soldiers refuse to let the Price children come with them. Reluctant to leave Jack and his family at the mercy of the cannibals, Bill decides to stay and orders the soldiers to leave at gunpoint. The two families decide to leave in search of a new life, and before departure, Jack leads a prayer, asking Jesus for his protection and care. The trek is arduous, but they eventually find a large settlement in Cherry Creek State Park called New Hope that takes them in, and Bill is relieved to hear they have seen no sign of the hunters. Bill becomes an integral part of the planning and implementation of New Hope and is appointed town planner as the settlement grows, giving his family and many more a chance of a future. Mark uses his Eagle Scout skills to build shower systems for the camp and, over time, falls in love with Katie. Later, the couple discovers they are expecting a child and marry, uniting the two families. America as they know it is over, but the American Dream is alive and well in the tight-knit community. Things change, however, when a pack of cannibalistic hunters stumbles upon their new home, forcing them to stand and fight once more.

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David Cairns of Finavon speaking about “The Case of the Wandering Corpse”

From the conflict in 1830’s Zululand to a staged robbery in the Gold Fields of Australia in 1859, a developing mystery requires the wit and intellect of Victorian private detectives Findo Gask and Erroll Rait. When Major Gask is reunited with Mary Mitchell, she brings worrying news of an old acquaintance, Jane Malan, whose husband Andrew has been receiving coded threats linking him to the theft of gold. They are in grave danger. When Andrew is murdered, Gask and Rait must race against time to unmask the killer. How was Andrew Malan involved in the gold robbery? And who are the real criminals behind the scheme? Can Gask and Rait solve the case before more lose their lives? To do so they must stay one step ahead of a dangerous secret society, Die Broederskap, and its threatening interference. With vivid period detail and a superb, labyrinthine plot The Case of the Wandering Corpse is a stylish, gripping and enthralling read. This is a novel so rich in historical detail and colour, the reader will feel immersed in the Victorian age.

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Ricardo Jose Gonzalez-Rothi speaking about “The Mango Chronicle”

"The Mango Chronicle"(Running Wild Press, out May 2024) ISBN: (pbk) 978-1-960018-19-9 Kirkus Review: "A captivating memoir and a startlingly edifying portrait of Cuba." Synopsis: A preadolescent boy is caught in Castro's Revolution and struggles with trading a Cuban Huck Finn childhood for the price of liberty after fleeing with his family to New Jersey via Mejico. The boy reminisces about his roots in the barrio. He chronicles spirited narratives that range from stealing a rowboat and being nearly capsized by a Russian tanker, to befriending an old fisherman who tells him a haunting tale, to being bullied by a neighborhood thug, to cockfights gone bad, and to being nearly mauled by a wild boar. He witnesses the plight of captives taken near his home during the Bay of Pigs invasion, and tries to navigate the complexities of growing up in a machismo, homophobic culture. The U.S. Blockade of Cuba during the Missile Crisis unexpectedly disrupts the family's egress. They endure the next several months in isolation. As a new expatriate, the boy lands in Mejico. He eventually arrives at freedom in blue-collar, New Jersey neighborhood. He endures the many ordeals of being an immigrant in an at-times intolerant culture and struggles to adjust to American life. But he perseveres. He scratches his way from a Green Card to American citizen, then to becoming a highly respected professor of medicine at two major medical schools in the United States. He eventually returns to the island in search of his roots, of the mango tree and of the boyhood for which he so dearly longed. He doesn't succeed altogether. But he doesn't lose hope.