Democracy to Democrazy: A Warning to All Americans

By Elizabeth Graham

Biography / History / Memoir
Government / Politics

Graham updated the initial book Democrazy to From Democracy to Democrazy: A Warning To ALL Americans as the first version came out a few weeks before the January 6, 2021, attack on Congress and a little over a year before Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine which provided important new material. She expresses the objective of both books as “How the U.S. was caught in an evil, repulsive and dangerous vortex from 2016-2020 and beyond.”

Her life circumstances offered access to many insights most Americans would ignore, “My work with the CIA was extremely clandestine, top-secret clearance.  My father worked there, and he wanted me in his office - so by the ripe ole age of 16, I had a top-secret clearance. I graduated from HS (high school) in 1962 and went to work there while I attended college and afterward. My last meeting with CIA personnel was in Scottsdale in 2014—50 plus years later.”

The book is enhanced with humorous, pithy, insightful cartoons which add some levity to break up some of the dire circumstances she writes about. The author includes detailed “endnotes” at the end of each chapter and a bibliography. She also has several impressive testimonials, including a letter to the author from President Biden on August 3rd, 2022 - “Your story is an integral part of the American story..."

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Book reviewed by Mark D. Walker
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