The Coca Cola Trail

By Larry Jorgensen

Biography / History / Memoir

If you like history of any type, you must read this book. Part history, part travel guide but always interesting, and when you’ve finished you’ll be a master of some particular Trivia questions. Each chapter represents a different town or historical story and while each are short, all are very interesting in their own way. The pictures are just an added bonus, bringing to life the places Jorgensen writes about. Well researched and well written, the author does justice to all that is Coca Cola – the iconic brand of the American 20th Century. Want to learn what Swamp Pop is? Take a look at the New Orleans, Louisiana chapter. If you want to learn about all those wonderful and very unique advertising signs, head over to chapter 8; and if you want to purchase an antique Coca Cola vending machine, start your search by reading about Granite Falls, NC. The Coca Cola Trail is chock full of very interesting – every page brings a new delight of some lesser known areas of the US. A wonderful book that I highly recommend to all history buffs.

Book reviewed by Linda Thompson
United States