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Deborah Armstrong

Dr. Jules Montgomery needed a hero for just one night. Dane Andrews, Boss to the men who know him, had only one rule--never mess with any woman in his home town. All it took was her arms wrapped around his neck, and her soft, warm lips caressing his ear as she whispered, "Help a girl out. Your name's Gary, and you're my boyfriend."
Boss quickly stepped into the role of hero and fantasy boyfriend, finding it impossible to say no to the mesmerizing beautiful redhead. He played Gary to her Red. For one night only, they belonged to each other.

Five years later, fate and a redheaded four-almost five-year-old reunite them once again. Life has gone on, although neither has forgotten the other. Jules returns to her home town to reconcile with her aunt, only to discover that her aunt is the housekeeper to Boss, a man with an occupation that goes against everything Jules holds dear. Boss is considered a hero by those who know him, although he now needs a service dog by the name of Lucky to keep him safe. Together, man and dog, become the heroes that Jules needs once again to keep her and her daughter safe for more than one night.

The Lighter Side or Prayer (How to Enjoy Talking with God)

Nancine Meyer
The Lighter Side of Prayer

The Lighter Side of Prayer is an easy-to-read book with extraordinary spiritual concepts toward living a fuller, happier life.
Have you ever wondered, “What’s the use of praying?” Do you believe prayer is limited to solemn recitation, urgent human plea or specific religious practice? What if you could have as much everyday fun talking with God as you do whenever you exchange life stories with your dearest friends on earth?
The Lighter Side of Prayer is perhaps a first in assuring readers that prayer is not necessarily connected to a religion or theology; rather it is an intrinsic, unrestricted interaction we have with God, the universe, and other celestial beings. You’ll learn simple ideas for choosing spontaneous moments to include God. You’ll be reintroduced to your angels and otherworldly friends who are devoted and eager to pray with you and assist you while you’re on earth. The Author, Nancine Meyer is an internationally recognized spiritual teacher, prosperity coach, and angel medium. This book is highly recommended for those who want a deeper relationship with God, angels and other messengers of light.

The Trilogy of Networking

Danielle Hampson
The Trilogy of Networking

The Trilogy, “Networking: Why do it” explains the value of your developing networking relationships with others. It uses plain words and examples that will help you to understand the many benefits you will receive once you understand the importance of taking time out of your hectic, stress-filled life to build your network. “Networking: Why do it,” also guides you in not only understanding why you want to attract other professionals into your life, but it also explains why it is so important for you to help others succeed in theirs.

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