Gibbs Williams, PhD, NY

Indie Author

SMACK in the MIDDLE: My Turbulent Time Treating Heroin Addicts at Odyssey House

  • Holistic healing


In 1967, an eager 30-year-old psychotherapist named Gibbs Williams was offered a job treating heroin addicts at an innovative therapeutic community in lower Manhattan called Odyssey House. What followed over the next seventeen months represents one of the most harrowing and illuminating journeys a young professional can experience at the beginning of his career, due - in large part- to Odyssey's brilliant, pioneering, inscrutable, and mercurial founder and Director, (both a lawyer and psychiatrist). Williams documents his personal and professional Odyssey at Odyssey House in a new book that is both a fascinating look back and an important mirror on some of the most vexing problems our society faces today.

Available in English
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