Crossing Borders, Building Bridges: A Journalist’s Heart in Latin America

By Maria E. Martin

Biography / History / Memoir

I first became aware of the author at a “Peace Corps Connect” conference in Austin, Texas in 2019 where she was on a panel on “Crossing Borders” with several experts on immigration including the Guatemalan filmmaker, Luis Argueta. Recently, I heard her program on immigration in Guatemala, which aired on the public radio program “Reveal.”  I contacted her once I learned that she was the head of the “Gracias Vida Media Center” in Antigua, Guatemala, which was when I learned about her new book, which was published by Conocimientos Press.

This book is an inspiring account of the author’s work for decades as a Latina radio journalist working across cultures, languages, and borders. She shares a series of fascinating stories and photographs to describe her life’s journey. The author was introduced to bilingual radio in northern California in the mid-70s and went on to volunteer for the “Somos Chicanas” program where she was given the opportunity to interview Cesar Chavez, the iconic leader of the farm worker movement.


Book reviewed by Mark D. Walker
United States