Ukraine Literature

Ukrainian literature goes back many centuries, and throughout time it has encountered many Russian attempts to crush Ukrainian writers. Now in the 21st century, we cannot allow history to again repeat itself! We must help preserve Ukrainian’s culture and identity.

Ukrainian literature is rich, but often remains unknown outside its own borders, and for people on all continents to enjoy the rich works of Ukraine’s writers, the reality is that their works need to be translated in multiple languages. The “Standing with Ukrainian Literature” initiative launched by “The Authors Show®” has been developed to offer Ukrainian authors a platform where they present their books in an interview format to book fans around the world. Our goal is to facilitate the discovery of these authors on a global scale and generate an interest by book industry professionals in acquiring foreign rights, which would lead to the translation of the Ukrainian works, thereby making Ukrainian literature accessible to a global audience.

Channel 11 on this website is a channel dedicated to Ukrainian books. All interviews with Ukrainian authors are broadcast and archived in that channel.  The books must be written in Ukrainian; the interviews are conducted in English. As we just now start this program in mid-April, we invite Ukrainian authors interested in participating in this program to submit the interview request form, and we invite all to reach out to their own circle of influence to spread the word about this initiative.   

Please read our Ukraine frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) page before you submit the interview request form

First interview with a Ukrainian author and journalist to launch Friday April 15 on channel 11.