Hidden Ones

By Marcia Fine

Culture / Society
Literary Fiction

When you pick up a book by Author Marcia Fine, you know going in two things – 1) the author is a master at telling a story, and 2) you will always learn something new. Such is the case with Marcia’s latest, Hidden Ones, A Veil of Memories. Set in the 1600’s in the new world area of what is now Mexico and the Southwestern United States, it brings to light something of which I had no idea. I’m a history buff and have read a lot about the Inquisition in Europe, but I never dreamed that there was an Inquisition in the new world that was every bit as cruel and heartless, and all in the name of religion. Fine weaves a compelling story of a girl and her grandmother that I could not get enough of. Sickened as I was by the practices of the Catholic church, that might have been enough to put the book down. However, I felt the need to continue reading because I just had to know what would happen next. Marcia’s ability to describe locations, her attention to details, and her well-defined characters will captivate you and you’ll turn each page eager for more. I definitely will be recommending Hidden Ones to anyone looking for a really good read. 

Book reviewed by Linda Thompson
United States