Trevor Trigg, Australia

Interviewed by Linda Thompson
Publisher: Vivid Publishing

LAPEL (Lest Assumed Power Ends Liberty).

  • Thriller-Suspense


Melbourne, Australia, 1988. Peter Piper is a talented young engineer, an average man leading a busy but ordinary life until the day his world turns upside down. He and his girlfriend Angela are kidnapped, police are gunned down and a venerated and prominent public figure is assassinated. Amidst the catastrophe, and against the odds, Peter escapes, trying desperately to save Angela, aided by the one police officer he can trust . The more they dig, the more they realise this is no ordinary kidnapping, but merely the iceberg’s tip. There is an international conspiracy of unfathomable proportions. Are the protagonists allies or enemies: ASIO, CIA, the defence forces and the mafia. Who can be trusted? Democracies are fragile; will Australia’s fall? Spanning oceans and crossing countries, this is a high-octane, adrenalin-pumping thriller about power-broking and deception, murder and detection, violence and seduction – and the personal growth of a man.