Covid-19 Discount


During difficult times we must all come together to help one another. From day one, over 14 years ago, The Authors Show®’s purpose has been to foster awareness of the works of Indie Authors through free interview production and 24-hr original broadcast, and optional paid extended online exposure opportunities. Everyone is feeling the pinch now, and The Authors Show wants to help. We are doing this by offering a discount on three plans in our optional extended book marketing program (BMP). 

 How does the discount work?

The production of our audio interviews and all original 24-hr broadcasts remain free as they always have been, and there is no obligation to purchase any of our plans. However, for those who wish to extend their online exposure opportunities beyond the original broadcast, we offer a discount on our Silver, Gold and Gold24 plans for purchases made starting March 23, 2020.  As health and economic conditions evolve, we will revisit this initiative and either extend it, modify it or cancel it. The discount through September 30, 2020 is 15%. SEP 7 UPDATE: the covid-19 discount program will be terminated Sep 30, 2020.



  1. Is the free program still active?   Yes.  Our basic audio interview program has always been free since day one 14+ years ago and remains free.  It includes the production of the interview + its original 24-hr online broadcast + a one-time promotion of your interview via social media to our vast network. It does not include receiving a copy of the interview file.
  2. Does the discount apply to all plans?   The discount is offered on the Silver, Gold and Gold24 plans in our optional extended book marketing program (BMP).  Because of interview production cost, we are unable to offer a discount on the Bronze plan.
  3. I have not been interviewed yet but plan to do that in the future, will I be able to benefit from the discount?   At this time a discount is offered for purchases made between March 23, 2020 and September 30, 2020 so you would need to conduct your interview no later than September 10-15, 2020 in order to decide whether to purchase or not. As health and economic conditions evolve, we will revisit this initiative and either terminate it after September 30, 2020 or extend it beyond the current expiration date and/or modify it.
  4. I was interviewed some time ago and already benefited from the original 24-hr broadcast.  May I still purchase a Silver, Gold or Gold24 plan and pay the discounted price?   Yes. If you have not previously purchased one of these 3 plans, should you decide to purchase one by no later than September 30, 2020, you will benefit from the discount.
  5. I was interviewed some time ago and purchased the Bronze plan at that time.  May I upgrade and benefit from the discount?   Yes.  We will apply the discount to the difference between the price of the Bronze plan and the price of the new plan you select.
  6. Can the discount be applied retroactively to plan purchases made prior to March 23, 2020?   No. We offer this special discount only to future purchases through September 30 due to the crisis created by the pandemic.
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