The Memory Keeper

By Larry and Lorna Collins

Historical Fiction

I’ve been enthralled by the history of Southern California for a long time, and when a book such as The Memory Keeper comes to my attention, I start reading. What a fabulous piece of historical fiction. The Collins’ have developed characters that are difficult to let go once you reach the very last page and you want the authors’ to write the next chapter in this family’s saga. Their book is rich with historical detail from the advent of the Spanish missions, through the upheavals by Spain, Mexico, and the US, and their descriptive writing style makes you feel you are there. The story of the Romero family captured my heart; so much loss to endure, yet with such strength. This is a wonderful read by anyone who loves history, historical fiction, or just a darn good read. I can only hope that the authors of The Memory Keeper choose to continue writing this family’s story. There is also a lot of history from 1890 forward that happened at beautiful San Juan Capistrano.

Book reviewed by Linda Thompson
United States