20 Moon Rd. An Angel's Tale


By Jody Sharpe


I’ve read and reviewed three of the author's Mystic Bay series books, starting with Town of Angels, and appreciated that this inspirational book, like all books in the series, proved the power of the human spirit to move on despite incredible tragedy and personal loss. The author’s daughter, Kate, was killed in a tragic accident, and then her husband died, and during a difficult period where many would have succumbed to despair, Jody had a dream in which a voice told her to read “Charlotte’s Web,” by E.V. White, which is a children’s book. Initially, she didn’t know why she should read it until the last line of the text revealed that “Nobody would take the place of Charlotte in the heart of Wilbur.” This thought helped the author go on and honor her beloved daughter and her husband.

20 Moon Rd an Angel’s Tale is a story like no other. Miracles still happen in the town of Mystic Bay, California. Angels live as humans there. A former football coach, Angel Ken, is surprised when his late best friend, the indomitable psychic, Madam Norma, appears in spirit form and asks him to write her life story through the memories she will send him. Surprising to Angel Ken, Madam Norma has seen thousands of angels since childhood during her 100 years.

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Book reviewed by Mark D. Walker
United States