Top Podcast Interview

Top Podcast Interview


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What is the contest about?   All participants present their latest book in an audio interview format on The Authors Show® .  The books must be either published, or be published by no later than November 30, 2020, publishing date verified through the Amazon book pages.

Who may enter the contest?   Print and digital published authors from around the world (self-published and traditional published). Scroll below to view book categories.

When should authors enter the contest?   Any time between January 7 and October 30, 2020.  All interviews must be conducted between January 9 and November 30, 2020.

How are the interviews conducted?   All interviews are conducted by one of The Authors Show's hosts in English via phone or a Skype connection.

How may authors enter the contest?   CLICK HERE TO VIEW AND SUBMIT THE INTERVIEW REQUEST FORM. Authors selected to be a guest on the show and who are interviewed between January 9 and November 30 are automatically entered in the contest. Prior to proceeding with the request, please read our FAQ page which addresses many questions about our interview process. 

May authors be nominated? Yes. Whether you are an author or not, you may nominate another author. CLICK HERE TO NOMINATE AN AUTHOR.  

May authors enter the contest if they were previously interviewed? Authors who were interviewed 1+ year prior to entering the contest qualify to enter this contest by requesting to conduct a new interview. Authors who were interviewed less than a year before, also qualify if they have purchased one of our optional BMP plans following their previous interview.  All new interviews must feature a new book that was not previously presented on The Authors Show.

Why should authors enter the contest? See the answer in our FAQ page, specifically "Why should I request an interview on The Authors Show?"

Why this contest?  The Authors Show's mission is to produce the highest quality interviews that present authors to the public in the most professional manner.  This level of quality requires two "master" ingredients:  the sound quality of the interview and the performance of the author being interviewed.  Even with the best sound quality, the highest possible interview quality cannot be achieved if the guests do not perform well during their interview. That performance is directly related to the authors' thorough understanding of their market and their ability to present their work verbally to an audience in the most articulate manner.

The Top Podcast Interview contest for authors offers participants the opportunity to acquire knowledge of the many components that make a great author interview, and to deliver an interview that will inspire listeners to further review the authors and their work.  Prior to being interviewed, each participating author will receive detailed guidance on the when, what and how to conduct their interview. Authors who choose to follow our guidance will not only maximize the quality of their experience during their interview, but they will also acquire knowledge that, when used, will enhance the quality of their presentation in other events, such as book signings, public speaking engagements, TV interviews, to name just a few.

How are the winners selected? The Authors Show will rate each interview on a series of criteria that includes the ease of access to the authors/books information, the quality of the book synopsis and the authors' knowledge of important points such as, for example, competing books, target market, the value their books bring to the readers, defining proper book genre, their writing style, marketing goals, the ability to stay on point and to emphasize key points with concise statements.  One other major aspect of this contest: the authors' ability to verbalize their message articulately and with clarity so as to attract and maintain the interest of the audience.

Why are all these points important?  Because being an author is a business and it involves much more than writing books. The book is the product the business wants to sell to customers: the readers. Treating writing as a hobby generates hobby results.  To improve on those results, writing must be treated like a business and running an author business requires knowledge of the publishing industry, the product and the market. 



One Grand Prize Winner receives a Book Marketing/Publicity Package valued at  over $1,500 US Dollars, to include:

- a digital award seal 
- a 60 sec. video trailer
- a 5 Express Book Review package *
- a media publicity outreach package
- a full page ad in InD'Tale Magazine
- an Amazon page or book page optimization
- one entry in Readers Favorite contest in 4 categories *
- 2 months participation in a Laser Targeting Amazon Ad program
- 15% discount on the optional purchase of an audio book production
- 3 months participation in our social media marketing outreach to up to about 800,000 potential book buyers
...and more

* details coming soon
 Category Winners will receive:
- a digital award seal
- 3 months participation in our social media marketing outreach
- 15% discount on the optional purchase of an audio book production


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Accepted Categories:

1.    Biography/Memoir
2.    Business/Current Affairs/Government-Politics
3.    Children (ages up to 12)
4.    Comic books/Graphic Novels/Manga
5.    Cooking/Food
6.    Fantasy/Horror/Paranormal/Science Fiction
7.    Fitness/Health/Wellness
8.    Historical Fiction
9.    Historical Nonfiction
10.   Inspirational/Motivational/Self Help/Self Improvement
11.   Mystery/Suspense/Thriller
12.   Poetry
13.   Religion/Philosophy/Spiritual
14.   Romance
15.   Western
16.   YA-Young Adults/Teen (ages 12-18)
17.   Fiction, all others
18.   Nonfiction, all others