B.T. Polcari, USA

Interviewed by Linda Thompson
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press

Fire & Ice

  • Mystery


Fire & Ice is a mystery with enigmatic ciphers, perplexing coded messages, a massive flawless diamond, and a fabled lost treasure galleon. The protagonist, Sara Donovan, is a quirky college student working as a summer archivist intern in a museum vault that also contains a smaller valuables vault.

After a brief power outage, Sara is convinced a 175-carat diamond was stolen from the valuables vault and replaced with a fake, despite zero supporting evidence of a heist. When nobody takes her concerns seriously, she instead takes the mystery upon herself and dives into her own investigation. With each clue Sara uncovers, an added layer of mystery engulfs her investigation. So complicated, in fact, Sara involves her best friend, cryptanalyst father, mathematician brother, and of course Mauzzy her miniature dachshund.

Will Sara and her crew solve a potentially centuries-old mystery? Will Sara end up being the prime suspect? Will Sara manage to untangle herself in time for fall semester? Read Fire & Ice to see how Sara and Mauzzy's summer turned out, and if they end up behind bars.

What the Critics Say:

When museum intern Sara Donovan suspects a rare diamond on display has been stolen and replaced with a fake, her amateur investigative skills kick into gear.” -APPROVED. IndieReader

“Polcari transforms what could be a clichéd plot and spices it up with colorful, engaging characters, accessible, conversational prose, down-to-earth dialogue, and a flair for storytelling that will keep readers turning pages." -RECOMMENDED. The US Review of Books

“…it’s an immersive reading experience that has the right blend of characterization, plot, and setting. Fire and Ice does not disappoint, and Sara Donovan is a new fictional sleuth to watch out for.” -5 Stars. Readers’ Favorite