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Never put off being kind to yourself again.  What if you could go from feeling like the worst person in the world to stepping into happily ever after?
How about in the time it takes you to read this book?
'You're useless....' 'You're so dumb...' 'How could you be so stupid?'
How many times have you said these things to yourself? Probably multiple times a day, every day of your life, if this describes how you feel about yourself:
- Never have a kind word for yourself
- Easily find ways you could have done something better
- Have a foreboding sense of resignation that you'll never get anything 'right'
- Hold yourself to much higher standards than everyone else
- Nothing you ever do is 'good enough'
In her latest book, award-winning businesswoman Bronwen Sciortino unlocks the secret to happily ever after and shares practical and easy steps to allow you to experience the same love and commitment you give to everyone around you.
From exhausted to exulted, this book reveals just how easily you can infuse your life with outrageous happiness, love and laughter - using an easy to follow process and with loads of ease and grace.
The world is waiting for you to become the magnificent person you were always supposed to be.
Let's be real. There are no 'miracle' cures that work without applying attention. But there are simple and practical steps you can easily take to move your life in a different direction.
Infused with all the 'downloads' you need to catapult your life differently, The Economy of Enough is the golden nugget you've been waiting for to understand exactly what you need to be happy.

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Bella Lynn Thompson speaking about “Sudden Widow, A True Story of Love, Grief, Recovery, and How Badly It Can Suck! ”

Sudden Widow is a book for widows/widowers and everyone in their lives, to help readers make sense of an unbearable loss. Refreshing, authentic, heartbreaking, and funny, it is essentially a love story--validation for widows in a world where many don't recognize the colossal grief and adjustment after suddenly losing a spouse. Reading this intelligent, eye opening memoir, you will laugh, cry, and learn. Perhaps most importantly, readers will feel understood and less alone. This book is a moving, inspiring example of 'powering through'. For more information, go to

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Dan Juday speaking about “Waltzing a Two-Step: Reckoning Family, Faith and Self”

A first-person account of a bright, timid boy born into the rural Midwest mid-20th Century, enthralled with the grandeur of his local woodlands, public library and Catholic Church. One of five children in an upwardly mobile family, he struggles with being gay. He looks for his proper place in an enticing but unwelcoming world, a search that leaves behind failed attempts at a normal life and takes him overseas and back again, chasing lost happiness and struggling to fit in. His search ultimately reveals that he has been looking for himself all along. It is a cautionary tale, drawn against the era’s major cultural upheavals, told late in life out of the comfort of self-acceptance and a regret over opportunities gone by without addressing things that should have been said earlier.

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Dominique Prinet speaking about “Flying to Extremes”

Recalling some of the most memorable escapades ever conducted in the Canadian Arctic with bush planes, Flying to Extremes takes place in the late ’60s and early ’70s from a base at Yellowknife, in the heart of the Northwest Territories. Beyond recounting so many near-mishaps, this book is also about colourful people: the trappers, prospectors, miners, adventurers and gold-ingot thieves who constituted the fauna at the main bar in Yellowknife in those days. For Arctic dreamers, there was always the flight to the Nahanni River, with its Deadman’s Valley, hot springs, tales of lost or dead prospectors, the many airplanes crashed in pursuit of gold, and much more Nahanni lore. This entertaining book recollects Prinet’s adventures as a young man while capturing the humour, beauty, danger and unique culture of northern communities, in the dramatic landscape of the Canadian Arctic. Readers familiar with the region and those who can only dream of visiting it will both find this title a nostalgic and captivating read.

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Jeffrey Marshall speaking about “Squeeze Plays”

Squeeze Plays combines finance, intrigue and a closely detailed look and the rich and privileged in New York and London. Two powerful men, a bank chief executive and a tabloid publisher, are at odds over a loan that would keep the publisher afloat. A cunning Russian oligarch appears with an offer of a financial life raft to the publisher - a gambit uncovered by an intrepid financial reporter who senses a big story.

The novel is a character-driven tale that one professional reviewer called the best character-driven book he'd read in a year. The actions and foibles of the main characters - and strong female characters - are played out at length, and the squeeze plays include financial and sexual blackmail, sabotage and more. The settings are rendered in vivid detail, and the tone is often brisk and satirical, showing how vanity and hubris can humble the powerful.

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David Tory speaking about “Retribution: The Stanfield Chronicles”

Retribution begins in 1620. A grieving Isaac Stanfield heads out across the Atlantic Ocean. After the Mayflower sails for the new world, Isaac has been sent to explore the potential for trade and further settlements in New England. His efforts are frustrated by the incompetence and duplicity of the people with whom he has to deal. This second book in the Stanfield Chronicles series continues with Isaac’s love of adventure, his courage, and ingenuity being fully tested, his fascination with and respect for the native peoples he meets. Isaac’s life consists of blue water sailing adventures, kidnapping, smuggling, pirates, torture and romance, on two continents, from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea. A life lived on the edge while he attempts to protect those he loves. The story is captivating, the research meticulous. A book to be bought and enjoyed. It is an excellent read.

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Sherrida Woodley speaking about “Quick Fall of Light”

Can A Shocking Resurrection From Extinction Save Mankind?

While the world succumbs to the horrors of a great flu epidemic, a woman vows to protect the perilous fate of a bird whose existence manipulates the destiny of man.

In this suspenseful tale, part Michael Crichton, part Rachel Carson, a global virus sets the tone, but it’s a one-pound bird that determines who lives. . . and who doesn’t. Science collides head-on with the untamed in this powerful novel of redemption.

“A wonderful reading experience... I think anyone who picks up this book will be changed by it.” Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson, Ph.D., Author of When Elephants Weep and Dogs Never Lie About Love

“Quick Fall of Light shares Rachel Carson’s fears for our planet and exhibits Woodley’s own “sense of wonder,” as well as her sure instincts for mystery and suspense.” Linda Lear, Author of Rachel Carson: Witness for Nature

“A prophetic mystery and an environmental thriller, Quick Fall of Light will keep you reading and wondering.” Brenda Peterson, Author of Animal Heart

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Sarah Willoughby speaking about “Infertility Saved My Life”

Infertility Saved My Life: Healing PCOS from the Inside Out exposes the raw teaching moments of Sarah Willoughby's journey to self-love through Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and secondary infertility. Within Infertility Saved My Life, Sarah Willoughby addresses the challenges and heartbreak she experienced while becoming a mum to three amazing children. She writes about her multiple miscarriages, as well as the trauma she endured so that anyone still on their journey to parenthood can feel less alone in their loss and grief. Sarah's story peaks in 2009, when she ended up in intensive care after a disastrous IVF cycle. Lying in her hospital bed, she promised herself that if she survived, she would embrace her fears and empower others to do the same. Seven months later, Sarah Willoughby left the corporate world, emigrated to Australia and fell pregnant naturally twice with her daughters. Infertility Saved My Life shares the wisdom and insight that enabled Sarah to complete her family and begin a heart-centred life and business. She includes practical exercises and tools to help balance the reader's mind, body and spirit and improve their chances of holding a healthy baby in their arms.

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Chris Whittemore speaking about “Terror to Triumph”

Terror to Triumph Take a journey through the eyes of a Marine scout sniper as he unveils the horrors of the mean streets of Ramadi, Iraq, in 2005 from losing fellow Marines, escaping death's grasps as you silently move through the streets, and dodging improvised explosive devices, enemy snipers, and the chaos associated with a country's first election. Continue the journey through Fallujah, Iraq, in 2007, where the fighting turns more inward, and the struggles faced when balancing the losses in war and at home. Finish the ride as you fly as a UH-1 crew chief / door gunner through the unforgiving country of the Helmand Province, Afghanistan. Fly through countless hours of combat missions in support of multiple countries' militaries and the scars associated with flying the wounded and fallen back to base. Take the final journey by facing the reality of the struggles that servicemen and servicewomen face with coping with horrors of war, the fight against the stigma of being broken, and finding a way to transition back into the civilian world. This is the hectic journey that one Marine and his families go through after each deployment, finding a way to stay strong through the darkest times and triumphing from the darkness and finding success against all odds.

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Joann Keder speaking about “The Story of Keilah”

Keilah moved to Sandy Salts, Iowa in search of a fresh start. Little did she know, acclimating to the quirky town in the middle of nowhere would be more complicated than she anticipated. Her elderly landlord, Dee, has a dark secret that has followed her since childhood. Dee’s younger brother was kidnapped decades ago and never found. While the spunky woman tries not to talk about the painful ordeal, the mystery of his disappearance constantly haunts her. Digging into the cold case residents have all but forgotten, Keilah unwittingly discovers shocking secrets from her own past. Dee's brother was "taken" by a man ostensibly to be given a better life. This man used to own her family farm before he left to travel the country. Keilah's own hidden memories come to light when she remembers the cause of her best friend's death was a hit-and-run accident involving her father. This book was originally released in 2018 but will be re-released with a new cover and additional material on March 1st.

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Tina Koopersmith MD speaking about “What Am I?”

I wish I had learned about our 4 bodies before I embarked on motherhood. Motherhood, to me, means total acceptance and unconditional love. Understanding our four bodies and how they vary in different individuals can help us notice and celebrate our uniqueness.