Channel 11 — September 25, 2022

He dreamed of becoming president as a kid. As a young man he learned the biographies of the most famous Ukrainian and American presidents and got their unique formula for success. According to the formula any man can become president if he does…

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Roman Malynovsky speaking about “Sweet Life”

“Sweet Life” is a collection of stories united by mood and plot spirals. In “Twenty-Five Days” Luka sits in a barber's chair in the émigré district of Berlin. They speak different languages, and the only way to understand each other is through gestures and touches. Their inner language follows them until the twenty-fifth day. In the “Cairo Express”, David travels by transcontinental train and carries a secret cargo to the final station. However, the comfortable course of this journey is under threat. In the “Write-off” the girl is given an urgent task: “After all, who else could be entrusted with this case” she thinks after receiving the order. To fulfil it, she goes to meet with Terracotta. Thirteen stories that nurture inner dramas, experiences, passion, rage, adoration. This book is full of mystery and playfulness, anxiety, but also airy lightness. “Sweet Life” invites you to play, to travel by plane and train, walk through rooms and houses, wonder around cities and continents. It calls for a journey through the boundless, vast space of human nature.

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Iryna Slavinska speaking about “Almost Grown Up ”

My book is for girls teenagers. It is a kind of an essay about becoming adult and being a girl in a contemporary world. I'm writing about gender stereotypes, consent and other issues of growing up. Statistics shows the generation 14-29 years is sharing some values in common, such as the will to success in the professional field and a very open and positive position to the diversity. Ukrainian girls are very tolerant and open-minded. I would like to write this "manual" about being "adult" and "growing up" without stereotypes.

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Markiyan Prokhasko speaking about “A Dream About Antarctica”

A Dream About Antarctica covers a few stories simultaneously. First of all, it is my personal story on how I made my dream come true and went to the Ukrainian Vernadsky Research Base in the Antarctic Peninsula. I described my adventures in the Drake Passage, in the Southern Ocean, and among dozens of Antarctic islands. You can find stories about penguins, moss, and whales. At the same time, I have created storytelling on how humanity was dreaming of finding Terra Incognita Australis. And actually how people managed to do this and also to reach the South Pole. It was one of the most exciting manifestations of the human spirit. Besides, the research on how Ukraine managed to get a British base previously called Faraday is included. The truth is that Ukraine made a great effort back in the USSR period to develop Antarctic infrastructure and science. Nevertheless, Russia took all property of the former USSR to use it strictly by itself. Antarctica is a specific topic, so everything here is not local but global. Due to this, I have also explained such themes as climate change, Antarctic treaty, astronomy, biology, geophysics, and many more. Byt I am sure that reader will not be confused by the variety of topics. I am a writer with experience in advertising. So I have done my best to write not as a historian or scientist. But as a person who wants to tell the story of Antarctica to my friends. Simple and exciting. I believe that I succeeded because I was there in Antarctica. I saw unforgettable nature and courageous people. Now I want to share the story of Antarctica with you.