Channel 11 — May 23, 2022

A Dream About Antarctica covers a few stories simultaneously. First of all, it is my personal story on how I made my dream come true and went to the Ukrainian Vernadsky Research Base in the Antarctic Peninsula. I described my adventures in the Drake Passage, in the Southern Ocean, and among dozens of Antarctic islands. You can find stories about penguins, moss, and whales. At the same time, I have created storytelling on how humanity was dreaming of finding Terra Incognita Australis. And actually how people managed to do this and also to reach the South Pole. It was one of the most exciting manifestations of the human spirit. Besides, the research on how Ukraine managed to get a British base previously called Faraday is included. The truth is that Ukraine made a great effort back in the USSR period to develop Antarctic infrastructure and science. Nevertheless, Russia took all property of the former USSR to use it strictly by itself. Antarctica is a specific topic, so everything here is not local but global. Due to this, I have also explained such themes as climate change, Antarctic treaty, astronomy, biology, geophysics, and many more. Byt I am sure that reader will not be confused by the variety of topics. I am a writer with experience in advertising. So I have done my best to write not as a historian or scientist. But as a person who wants to tell the story of Antarctica to my friends. Simple and exciting. I believe that I succeeded because I was there in Antarctica. I saw unforgettable nature and courageous people. Now I want to share the story of Antarctica with you.

En cours de lecture:
Dmytro Bondarenko qui parle de son livre “How to Become President”

He dreamed of becoming president as a kid. As a young man he learned the biographies of the most famous Ukrainian and American presidents and got their unique formula for success. According to the formula any man can become president if he does…

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Danielle Hampson qui parle de son livre “Introduction to Stand with Ukraine Literature”

Ukrainian literature goes back many centuries, and throughout time it has encountered many Russian attempts to crush Ukrainian writers. Now in the 21st century, we cannot allow history to again repeat itself! We must help preserve Ukrainian’s culture and identity.

Ukrainian literature is rich, but often remains unknown outside its own borders, and for people on all continents to enjoy the rich works of Ukraine’s writers, the reality is that their works need to be translated in multiple languages. The “Stand with Ukraine Literature” initiative launched by “The Authors Show®” has been developed to offer Ukrainian authors a platform where they present their books in an interview format to book fans around the world.

Our goal is to facilitate the discovery of these authors on a global scale and generate an interest by book industry professionals in acquiring foreign rights, which would lead to the translation of the Ukrainian works, thereby making Ukrainian literature accessible to a global audience.