Benny Mailman, Cambodia

Interviewed by Don McCauley

Finding 42: Cut the Rope

  • Adventure


Finding 42, at its core, is an amazing adventure series. Book 1, Cut the Rope, begins with the author leaving the familiar, New York City, and flying into the unfamiliar, Moscow, Russia.

The author, Benny Mailman, had just gone through some soulful healing in Denver, Colorado, after having been demoralized and drowning in darkness. He had been brought to the doorstep of hell, and ushered through the door. A proud Marine, a loving son, and a joyful, smiling friend had all been ripped away, rendering him a shell of his former self. He learned a difficult lesson in those darkest days: no amount of his Love could heal his mentally sick friend. The year was 2011.

Finally freeing himself from the clutches of evil energy, Benny sought to rebuild his soul through healers. He sought true freedom. He sought love. It was now January of 2012, the month and year Benny turned 42. As he walked in a winter storm, he knew this year was going to be life changing... he just knew.

On October 4, 2012, he began a journey that had no end date. He just went, determined to be true to his soul and live an extraordinary adventure on his terms, thus creating his own reality. When asked how long he would be traveling, he simply responded "I will know when I am done".

Finding 42 is a letting go of the known and often forced reality. It is about a man setting out to prove that a better reality was there for the creating. Within the journey, spiritual growth flourishes and an ancient knowledge is renewed in the strength, kindness, and beauty of the human spirit.

Book 1 is filled with stories and soulful connections with fellow travelers and locals alike. There is the story of Fire Horse in Mongolia, Tom Waits and Starbucks in Moscow, life aboard the Trans-Siberian Railroad, the Great Wall, and even a magical event in Luoyang, China. Fasten your seat belts! I remind you that this is all true.

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