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Miracles of Direction, Miracles of Conquest, Miracles of Provision, and Miracles of Purpose delves into biblical miracles that took place while Jesus was here on earth and cross references with miracles that take place on a daily basis now in the 21st century.

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David S. Kreinces speaking about “Investable Benchmarks: A Guide To ETFs, Technology and Leverage”

This book answers:

1. Which ETF portfolio gained 976%, 4x the S&P 500?

2. Which bond ETF returned 7x the Aggregate Index?

3. Which leveraged ETF delivered over 60x? “Academic studies show that benchmark indexes are hard to beat. Using them as investment cornerstones within your portfolio, as this book suggests, is darn good advice. Beyond that, this book provides an investing framework for how to amplify potential returns using leverage.

David knows his stuff!” -Ron Delegge, Founder @ ETFguide

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David F. D'Orazi speaking about “The In-Between Artist”

The successes and struggles of influential twentieth century artist Tony D'Orazi are detailed in this first-ever biography, The In-Between Artist: The Story of Tony D'Orazi, from his early years as a child prodigy in Missoula, Montana, to his ascension into an award-winning artist by way of New York City and Chicago and his days working for Disney to ultimately becoming the radio and television personality known as Uncle Tony O'Dare, "the first cartoonist of the air." Tony's personal struggles would repeatedly attempt to derail his artistic ambitions, but the art would always find a way to persevere.

Along his ascent, he would also meet his true love, whom he formed a vaudeville act with, which found them entertaining crowds across America. From there, he became a husband and father of four, who constantly struggled to find balance between his roles as a visual artist and family man, all while battling with severe bouts of mental illness.

This is a portrait of an artist and entertainer which also includes later chapters of his life, in which he went on to become a successful salesman and character actor, all while still pursuing his need to create. In the end, despite all these roles he played and the countless hurdles he faced, Tony remained an artist in between. Ultimately, his story proves that no matter what obstacles he faced, his art always found a way.

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Deborah Armstrong speaking about “Boss”

Dr. Jules Montgomery needed a hero for just one night. Dane Andrews, Boss to the men who know him, had only one rule--never mess with any woman in his home town. All it took was her arms wrapped around his neck, and her soft, warm lips caressing his ear as she whispered, "Help a girl out. Your name's Gary, and you're my boyfriend."
Boss quickly stepped into the role of hero and fantasy boyfriend, finding it impossible to say no to the mesmerizing beautiful redhead. He played Gary to her Red. For one night only, they belonged to each other.

Five years later, fate and a redheaded four-almost five-year-old reunite them once again. Life has gone on, although neither has forgotten the other. Jules returns to her home town to reconcile with her aunt, only to discover that her aunt is the housekeeper to Boss, a man with an occupation that goes against everything Jules holds dear. Boss is considered a hero by those who know him, although he now needs a service dog by the name of Lucky to keep him safe. Together, man and dog, become the heroes that Jules needs once again to keep her and her daughter safe for more than one night.

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Pat Backley speaking about “DAISY”

A gentle family saga, spanning almost 100 years, from 1887 to 1974. Set in Alabama, Harlem and London, it touches on some of the evils of society like poverty and racism, as well as some of the best that life has to offer….family, friendship and love. The sequel to this, “The Second Daisy, was published just a few days ago.

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J. W. Webb speaking about “Blood Feud: Berserker Trilogy, Book 1”

An epic tale of magic, revenge and power begins. Jaran Saerk is an exile from the North, driven out of his homeland by a sorceress who killed his father. He came of age while serving as a warrior in the armies of the Imperial Shen, but he’s never forgotten his vow to avenge his family and take back what is rightfully his. Recently captured and made a slave, Savarna hides a dark secret and doesn’t plan on staying in chains for long. She wants to escape, slip inside the Golden Palace and kill the Empress of Shen. When she meets the exiled warrior from the North, she finally may have her chance. Finvar the Droll, who claims to be a retired thief, insists he can help Jaran in his quest to regain his kingdom. But whose side is this trickster really on? As mighty nations ready for war, enemies surround the trio on all sides. They must unite not simply to stay alive, but also to fulfill their quest: Kill the witch Sheega before she destroys them all. Blood Feud is the start of a new trilogy set in the world of Ansu.

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Brian Huey speaking about “Perpetual”

This author’s interview and book can also been seen on your television screen.  Look for “THE AUTHORS SHOW” app on AMAZON FIRE TV and on the ROKU CHANNEL.

"No government or corporation will control perpetual energy. My discovery will be free for the world, or nobody gets it at all!" His own words haunt Dr. Jackson after his wife’s suspicious death. Can a reclusive man at a Lake Michigan compound, surrounded by security tighter than the White House, protect his son and himself from ever-powerful enemies? A generation later, an all-American whiz kid named Matthew Eaton learns the answer to that question. Who, if anyone, will control Dr. Jackson’s miracle of science?  The Perpetual series bursts off the first page when Matthew witnesses three men gunned down before his eyes. But not before he and Maria are handed the keys to solving one of society’s greatest dilemmas—how the world can fuel its insatiable energy demands. Drawn by a chance encounter into the life of a charismatic stranger called Cracker Jack, Matthew is soon dodging bullets from evildoers—to whom profit trumps life.

While Matthew and Maria take flight along the East Coast in a battered VW Bus, seemingly unrelated events unfold around the globe, some set in motion decades before Matthew was born. Can Matthew trust those closest to him? Can he trust the FBI? Can he trust anyone?

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Gibbs Williams, PhD speaking about “SMACK in the MIDDLE: My Turbulent Time Treating Heroin Addicts at Odyssey House”

In 1967, an eager 30-year-old psychotherapist named Gibbs Williams was offered a job treating heroin addicts at an innovative therapeutic community in lower Manhattan called Odyssey House. What followed over the next seventeen months represents one of the most harrowing and illuminating journeys a young professional can experience at the beginning of his career, due - in large part- to Odyssey's brilliant, pioneering, inscrutable, and mercurial founder and Director, (both a lawyer and psychiatrist). Williams documents his personal and professional Odyssey at Odyssey House in a new book that is both a fascinating look back and an important mirror on some of the most vexing problems our society faces today.

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Patricia Love speaking about “Seen and (UN) Heard: A Little Girl’s Journey From Silence To Empowerment”

This book tells the story of a little girl's journey from silence to empowerment. Feeling seen and (un) heard for most of her life, Patricia courageously shares how she was able to navigate a life of mental abandonment, abuse and trauma, and ultimately, find her power and worth within in order to create a new story. She shares her deepest secrets, pitfalls, and triumphs along the way in hopes of inspiring her readers to choose themselves, and realize that they, too, can have it all.

This book will inspire and empower you if you are ready to:

  • Listen to your inner child
  • Understand that you're never alone, and always supported
  • Look at the areas of your life where you are settling (and refuse to stay there any longer)
  • Want to take your power back
  • Realize it is time to write a new story
  • Remember that you are a gift

Are you at your wits end, feeling like you're trapped on a perpetual hamster wheel of chaos and confusion? I've been there, too. And the good news is, change is possible. In fact, it's probable when you decide to choose yourself first, and step into the life waiting for you.

We've all got a story, and although different, we're actually more alike than we give ourselves credit for. Most (if not all) of us have experienced pain. Most of us have had some form of trauma in our lives. Most of us have had to overcome something that felt impossible to navigate. And guess what? We're all still here which tells me...

You are a warrior, and far more capable than you realize. You can heal and rewrite your story. You can take all the lessons you've been given and create something beautiful from the mess. And you are worthy of the time and effort it takes to make your dreams a reality.

No matter where you've been, or what you've been through, I see you. I honor you. And I love you, as you are.

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Trina Carroll-Houk speaking about “Breaking Free from the Ego: A Course in Finding and Freeing Yourself”

“Breaking Free from the Ego: A Course in Finding and Freeing Yourself” reveals the secret to happiness and fulfillment which can only be learned through personal experience. Fortunately, Trina Carroll-Houk has had that experience. She can teach you how to break free from what’s holding you back from living a life of inner peace. To live a rewarding life, we need to break free from our ego, and that doesn’t happen by accident. It happens with intention.

Learn how to discover your true identity and embrace your inner spirituality. All of life’s problems are created in the mind―yet the solutions are found beyond the mind! This book will teach you the evolutionary process of living in a higher dimension of consciousness.

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Jane Risdon speaking about “Undercover: Crime Shorts”

Under one cover for the first time a collection of crime shorts from Jane Risdon with more twists and turns than Spaghetti Junction - a must for those who enjoy gripping yarns.

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Ruth Enright speaking about “Seahaven”

England, 1700’s. Seahaven is a lawless fishing village on the wild East Coast of Yorkshire. When a sailing ship is wrecked, three young people from very different backgrounds are caught up in a race against time. Solomon must escape his bondage as an American slave and his two friends, Robin and Sophie, are desperate to help him. However, this is a time of smuggling, slavery, robbery and betrayal. The whole community, whether rich or poor, is involved in outlawed activity. Robin’s strange and feared Uncle Jorfant leads the underground smuggling ring. Soldiers, the militia and excise men are always on patrol and the Press Gang is a constant fear to the men of the village. It is a volatile, complex world, one in which past and present collide mysteriously.

Solomon, Robin and Sophie all have their own personal reasons for wishing to escape. During their adventures, both alone and together, they meet many people along the way; some become allies, others a threat, and the three friends also face new dangers. Hampered by their circumstances and those with power, who control and surround them, escape is never a certainty.

Will Solomon find freedom at last and what will become of Robin and Sophie? An exciting and gripping adventure, portraying the harsh realities of life from a very different era!

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