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"And Mommy looks at me like today will be my last day alive." When does a toddler start to learn right from wrong? What happens in a family that influences a decision going through a young mind? "I Don't Want to Turn 3" explores the interaction between family that is happening in just about every household in the world.

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Tom Burkhalter speaking about “Everything We Had: a Novel of the Pacific Air War November-December 1941”

November 1941: War is coming to the Pacific.

In Europe, the Nazis are triumphant. England is under siege by air and sea. France has fallen to the Nazi Wehrmacht, which in turn fell on Soviet Russia. The Red Army is reeling in full retreat, with the Nazis at the gates of Moscow itself.

In the Pacific, Japan has been at war with China since 1937. Her war industries depend upon imports of scrap metal and oil from what are now the Allied nations. When an embargo is placed on imports to Japan, they are left with a year's supply of oil to supply their armed forces.

Japan surrounds American possessions in the Philippines on three sides. The US Army is making a desperate, last-minute attempt to reinforce the Philippines garrison, but the clock is ticking for the Japanese, with their oil running out. The armed forces of Imperial Japan may attack the Philippines at any moment.

Two brothers, Jack and Charlie Davis, are pilots in the US Army Air Forces. They are part of the reinforcements sent to the Far Eastern Air Force, charged with air defense of the Philippines.

For Jack and Charlie, in a time when the US is on the brink of world war, a simple question must soon be answered: what will I do when the Japanese come?


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Jody Sharpe speaking about “Town of Angels”

Angel vs. Bully in the town of Mystic Bay, California, where a well-kept secret lies. Angels live as humans there. After angels appeared to three children, all was blissful in the town full of psychics, and ordinary folk. But as brute, Klaus Waxman, comes to town, angel Ken Leighton, a storeowner, must carefully guide his flock of humans not to give in to the bully's efforts. As Klaus opens a store mocking the resident angel sightings, angel Ken guides psychic Justine Greer, and her family to thwart his efforts. And with the help of the indomitable oldest psychic in town, Madam Norma, the bully meets his match through the soft voices and intuitive minds of his neighbors.

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Jody Sharpe speaking about “The Angel's Daughter”

A secret lies in Mystic Bay California and only two people know it. First there's Hannah O'Ryan, a tender, curly-headed half-angel. Then there's her father, Gabe an effervescent, teddy bear of a full-blooded angel. And it's up to Hannah to keep the secret safe. But she's made a colossal mistake telling her ex-boyfriend and writing Professor, Sam Blakley. Now he's written a book exposing the secret to the world.

What will happen to her angel father? What can Hannah really do to stop this? With her special tears, animal ESP and a surprising gift she doesn't know she has, will Hannah be able to thwart Sam's efforts? With her new love Josh and her beloved Mystic Bay behind her, Hannah finds her very angelness can make all the difference. Maybe she'll get to fly again like she does in all her dreams.

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Donna Fletcher Crow speaking about “The Vanquishers of Tyranny: Of Patriots and Priests”

Larger than life, perhaps the greatest patriot that ever breathed, William Wallace gives his life’s blood for Scotland’s freedom. A glorious victory at Stirling Bridge leads to heart-rending defeat at Falkirk and payment of the ultimate sacrifice at the Tower of London. And young, faithful Jamie Maclnnes experiences it all—even to paying a great personal price himself.
Though scarred—like Scotland—Jamie is unconquered. He rallies behind the dynamic Robert the Bruce and follows on the arduous odyssey of defeat, exile and humiliation until it leads finally to glorious victory on the fields of Bannockburn.
700 years later, three adventurous young people follow this spellbinding tale, seeking answers for their own lives and the solution to Scotland’s oldest riddle.

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Bruce Calhoun speaking about “Ardennia: The Unlikely Story of Cinderella's Prince”

A Cinderella story like no other, Ardennia: The Story of Cinderella's Prince is a young adult historical fantasy that captures the magic, brutality and earthiness of the medieval age. This first book in a series chronicles the many adventures of Cinderella’s prince as he experiences his first joust, undergoes his baptism of fire in the Battle of Paris, is charmed by Cinderella at a masquerade ball, and sets off on a quest to find her after she flees the ball at the midnight hour.

The quest takes him and his folksy mentor, Sir Guy, through strange lands supposedly inhabited by ogres, pixies, hobgoblins, man-eating plants and giants; and peopled by an extraordinary and motley cast of characters that include an epileptic bard, a bean counter who wagers his gold tooth in a dice game, a merchant who can never be too prosperous, a little girl who has a running feud with three bears, pilgrims that argue over who is the most pious and a beggar who has been cursed with leprosy for committing all the cardinal sins. Be on the look-out for a bit of Chaucer-like satire in this adapted fairy tale.

Seven reasons to read ArdenniaThe Unlikely Story of Cinderella's Prince
7. Robinette the Hood's cameo
6. The buffoon's gambit
5. The ironic ending
4. The love affair between Cinderella's stepmother and the hunchback
3. Sir Guy’s story of the elf and the troll
2. Queen Bernadette’s sagacity
1. Prince Henry's tete-a-tetes with the 14 ladies who attended the ball

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Amy Minty speaking about “Dare To Do Nothing”

We may think that doing nothing goes against all of the teachings of a life well lived; after all, how can one derive satisfaction from having nothing to do? Well, park your boredom at the door. In her new book, Dare To Do Nothing, Amy Minty offers a counter-argument against any urge to become a workaholic: When you do nothing, you have more time for fun! And shouldn’t that be the point? Minty’s book, published by TriMark Press, covers the various over-achiever traps and walks the reader through all the ways to avoid doing actual things. Minty also recounts events in her own life that expand on her beliefs. Would you like to do nothing at work? Covered. Is it important to at least appear busy? Absolutely. Does doing nothing come down to genetics? Read and find out.

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Ross Griffin speaking about “The Haunted Wind: A pulsating supernatural thriller”

Sometimes the wind can sound haunted… but what if it really is? Something sinister blows in the wind...

Ed, an archaeology graduate from Yorkshire, is out of options. Maria, a Brazilian anthropologist, seeks justice, and Neha, an indigenous Brazilian tribesman, seeks revenge.

Ed reluctantly accepts an archaeological audit job in the west of Ireland but soon discovers that many of the ancient sites have been damaged. Meanwhile, in Brazil, Neha encounters his estranged brother who warns him that something evil has been released into the wind. Following several strange reports, Maria goes to Neha’s village and joins him on a quest into the deep Amazon… but what they find will terrify and shock them in equal measure.

Having suffered several hauntings in his small Irish cottage, Ed eventually meets Neha and Maria who have felt compelled to chase something deadly to Ireland. Ed and Neha are yin and yang, but both soon realize that they must work together to stop an evil force before they, and everyone else, are all killed.

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Thomas Fargnoli speaking about “The Deacon: An Unexpected Life”

We often end up living an "unexpected" life. Yet through it, glimmers of hope, faith, love and peace find their way through.
After being married for forty years and serving the Catholic Church as a deacon for the last five years, leaving the diaconate was the last thing on my mind.
Life was good - wife, home, children, grandchildren, health, retirement and an amazing ministry. Never did I expect to be a suicide survivor. Grieving the loss of my wife was difficult enough, but with suicide, the grieving process was much more intense. Being a deacon in the Catholic Church intensified that process even more.


The Catholic Church made it clear. I could not stay a deacon and pursue another loving relationship that could lead to marriage. I was aware of the rule, but after two years of discernment, I couldn't seem to make a decision. This battle put me into the hospital for open-heart surgery. Finally, with God's help, I made my decision.

Rick, a local reporter, wanted to interview me with regard to my diaconate experience and how I came to that decision. Rick turned out to be more than a reporter. This is my story. Through it, I hope glimmers of hope, faith, love and peace find their way through your clouds as well.

Proceeds go to Suicide Awareness.

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Cheryl Williams speaking about “A collection of poems: A journey through life”

A Collection of Poems takes us through the power of the human mind, good or bad, and its impact on one's direction and journey through life.

With the help of music, writing, and positive thinking, author Cheryl Williams found hope and purpose in life. Life isn't fair. It is unpredictable, bad things happen to good people, and we never know what tomorrow holds. Cheryl wants her readers to realize that even when faced with insurmountable, hopeless situations, even when life seems dark and uncertain, we should never let go of hope and appreciate the beauty and blessings that life has to offer, making the most of every day, loving, living, laughing, and learning. Seasons change, and there is always a rainbow after the storms of life.

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Linda Maria Frank speaking about “Girl with Pencil, Drawing”

Another book in the Annie Tillery mystery series by Linda Maria Frank. Girl detective, Annie Tillery, wins art lessons at a glamorous N.Y. gallery. When the director of the gallery is found murdered, the prime suspect is Annie’s instructor, Francesca Gabrielli. While tracking the murderer, all the clues lead to a mysterious brownstone in Brooklyn, where they uncover a ring of art forgers and thieves, who will stop at nothing to protect their fabulous enterprise. Annie and Francesca face death by fire and water in the thrilling conclusion. It’s a case of Nancy Drew meets CSI.

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Lynne Podrat speaking about “Listen To Me:How My Down Syndrome Brother Saved My Life”

This memoir was written to honor my youngest brother's influence over my life, the good, the bad, and the ugly, of living with a Down Syndrome sibling. It tells the story of the children of my family, despite our parents' frailties, remaining committed to each other through life's many changes and separations. Who I am today is directly related to who I needed to become.

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Randall L. Hull speaking about “Political Malpractice in America: Republic at Risk”

America is more divided now than at any time since the Civil War; survival of the republic is at real risk. Americans are losing confidence in the future and have almost no trust in our federal government. Our federal government has failed to respond effectively to the Covid-19 pandemic to arrest transmission and restart the economy. At the same time, we are seeing historic, widespread protests against systemic racism in America, which in itself is a manifestation of increasing inequality, as well as deep cultural bias. Our political leaders have failed us for the last forty years.

Randall L. Hull proposes that startling thesis in this economic and political commentary that examines how we've arrived at this crisis and what we can do to reverse the political and cultural warfare that pervades our republic. He answers questions such as:

- What steps can we take to reduce divisiveness in America?
- How can we restore shared prosperity to the majority of Americans and rebuild our middle class?
- How can we get politicians to work on a bipartisan basis again?

Hull offers starting points to pursue a model of "balanced capitalism" based on large private-public partnerships to rebuild American infrastructure and new green energy capacity; such investments will both reduce disparities of wealth and begin to reverse damage from climate change. He also proposes ways to safeguard our elections and live up to the ideals of our founding fathers, the most important initiative of all.

Find out how to keep working to "form a more perfect union" and fight political hypocrisy with the insights and ideas in Political Malpractice in America.

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