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Thriving in every season of life with God discusses how you can still thrive, prosper, and flourish even though you are not in the harvesting season of life. Just like in farming as well as life there is a Fall, Winter, Spring & Summer season.

All of us would love to always remain in the fall season because that is the harvest season. Anything that can go well does and we are flying high with all the good things that are happening to us. However, God never promised us a blissful life, but he did promise to always be with us.

Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness. - Isaiah 41:10.

"My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style." - Maya Angelou

"It doesn't matter if a million people tell you what you can't do, or if ten million people tell you no. If you get one yes from God, that's all you need." - Tyler Perry

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Linda Mac Dougall speaking about “The SPIRIT Method of Massage for Seniors: Raising the Bar...A Primer for Massage Therapists and Caregivers”

A book both practical and spiritual. The care of our seniors takes many skills and natural abilities, but it also takes a deeper understanding of what it means to be a senior. Without that understanding, mistakes are made that are unnecessary and could cause harm. Connections are missed that could make all the difference in someone's life; maybe yours. Magical ahha moments are missed because they just aren't recognized in the daily routine. This book hopes to bring awareness to what and who is before you so that you can offer your best self in the care of others.

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Nicole Audet, M.D. speaking about “Felix and Booboo - a series”

Dr. Nicole, a family doctor who has been in practice for over three decades, has published numerous medical and children books, and has received multiple national and international literary awards.  Her "Felix & Booboo" educational series on diseases and the body, originally published in French is now available in English. Find out more about Dr. Nicole HERE

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Tom Mattson speaking about “The Other Worlds: Offbeat Adventures of a Curious Traveler”

“None of it was meant to be: the stories and anecdotes that appear in this book, my travels to far-flung other worlds, being face-to-face with hundreds of strangers. Yet here we are, and there I’ve been, and somehow, strangers became friends.” From the Introduction

Meet Tom Mattson’s friends including Maribel, on a park bench in Havana; Braulio, a silver miner in Bolivia; Chema, a Guatemalan fisherman —- and dozens more around the world. Discover the stories of their lives, their experiences, and their histories, so different from your own.

Be charmed by the Minnesota storyteller who draws you into The Other Worlds with ease and who delights in sharing the sights, sounds, smells, and serendipities of his adventures with armchair - and active - travelers everywhere.

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Donna Louis speaking about “2018-Top Female Author - Miracles of Direction Miracles of Conquest Miracles of Provision Miracles of Purpose”

Miracles of Direction, Miracles of Conquest, Miracles of Provision, and Miracles of Purpose delves into biblical miracles that took place while Jesus was here on earth and cross references with miracles that take place on a daily basis now in the 21st century.

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Martin Van Es speaking about “Call Me Joe”

The world is on the brink of disaster.

The environment, society and mankind itself are facing extreme challenges in a world that is both more connected, and yet more divided than ever before. Fear and confusion seep into all parts of everyday life… now, more than ever, the world needs one voice, one guide…  One day the Earth is plunged into darkness and when light appears again so does a man – call him Joe – claiming to be the son of God. Can Joe bring the world's most creative thinkers and leaders together to tackle the ills of mankind?  Can he convince us all to follow him before it’s too late? 

In this compelling and prescient novel, Martin van Es and Andrew Crofts highlight the key concerns of our time and imagines a future where we, at last, all work together to ensure the future of our world and all the life that calls it home.

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Amy Herrig speaking about “No More Dodging Bullets”

After overcoming a heroin addiction in her teenage years and striving to move forward, Amy Herrig faced an entirely different addiction twenty years later: money. She and her father, Jerry Shults, were thriving as the owners of the Gas Pipe stores in Dallas, Texas, as well as other successful businesses, when a government lawsuit threatened to take everything—their businesses, their money, and their freedom. Accused of crimes she hadn’t committed, Amy spent the next four years fighting to stay out of prison, but that wasn’t all she had to fight along the way. When one life-altering change after another shook up Amy’s world, she gained a new perspective on herself and on what matters most in life. From an exhausting and demoralizing situation came a new outlook of gratitude, but also remorse and humility. Although Amy’s actions in the past had not all been illegal, she had let the allure of money guide her decisions rather than using her moral compass; the shocking turn of events that resulted from those decisions led to profound changes and made a lasting impact on Amy’s life.

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Kass Ghayouri speaking about “An Era of Error”

Kass Ghayouri's An Era of Error sheds light on an Indian girl growing up in a period of racial segregation enforced through the legislation of the Apartheid government, in South Africa during the period of 1960 to 2000. During the time of the Apartheid regime, Kay found it a liability being an Indian. The Immorality Act was a strict code of conduct, which prevented interracial affairs and marriages. It is a story of jaw-dropping dehumanization, torture and verbal intimidation, conducted in total violation of the Apartheid laws. The major characters suffered gross violation of civil rights and human rights, unleashed by the Apartheid era. Amidst the brutality, emerges the most beautiful love story that transports the major characters into a new dimension.

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Edward M. Wysocki, Jr. speaking about “Out of This World Ideas: And the Inventions They Inspired”

Have you ever heard someone claim that a particular invention was inspired by a work of science fiction? Should you believe them? As it turns out, it’s not impossible. The real question is, which claims are true and which are not?

Out of This World Ideas looks at number of such claims in detail. Did a novel by Frank Herbert inspire a British engineer to come up with an invention to solve a problem created by the Suez Crisis in 1956? Did a story by a Russian scientist who was also a science fiction author inspire a Russian engineer to invent a new type of holography? Did a work by Robert Heinlein affect U. S. plans for atomic weapons in the period just before the United States entered World War II?

Ed Wysocki, who has written two other books of non-fiction about science fiction, considers and analyzes these and other claims in detail. As was said, some are true and some are not. In addition, he presents a way of organizing and presenting them, with a view toward discovering and investigating additional claims.

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Linda Maria Frank speaking about “The Madonna Ghost”

THE MADONNA GHOST,  An Annie Tillery Mystery by Linda Maria Frank, winning  “Editor’s Choice” and “Rising Star” from iUniverse.  Annie Tillery sets out with her NYPD Aunt Jill for a vacation of sun and sailing on beautiful Fire Island. She meets Ty Egan, setting the stage for a sweet little romance. Together, with a local ghost hunter, they set out to investigate an eerie ghost from a shipwreck in the 1800’s. As the tale of the ghost unfolds, Annie and Ty stumble upon a diabolical plot that impacts national security, threatening the life of Annie’s aunt.

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Pamela Logan speaking about “Compassion Mandala: The Odyssey of an American Charity in Contemporary Tibet”

Eastern Tibet, or Kham, is a place of rugged ranges and torrential rivers, home to the fierce Khampa rebels who tried for a decade to defeat China’s army and win independence for Tibet. Pamela Logan is an inveterate traveler who fell in love with Kham and was deeply affected by the poverty she saw there. With the help of many friends, she started a nonprofit to do the impossible: bring development and humanitarian assistance to Tibetans under Chinese rule. This book chronicles Logan’s fourteen years of work in Kham: helping children stay in school, saving the lives of babies and mothers, providing job training to nomadic herders, improving health care, assisting communities hit by earthquakes, and repairing centuries-old architecture. Compassion Mandala records Logan’s first-hand observations of rural Tibetan society and China’s relentless efforts to modernize it. Outlining each gate of the development mandala – areas such as education, health care, jobs, and the environment – she explains how Tibet has changed over the past century, giving historical context to contemporary challenges. She details obstacles faced by Tibetans as ethnic minorities in China, and she describes how they are adapting to China's rapid development and coping with the tidal wave of Chinese migrants arriving in their homeland. She portrays many individuals she knew: incarnate lamas, ordinary farmers, educated professionals, corrupt officials, devoted Buddhists, and a brilliant young woman determined to overcome her humble origins and realize her dreams.

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