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The Cardiff Giant, set in Cooperstown, New York, has up its novelistic sleeve Puck's profound declaration, "Lord, what fools these mortals be!" Jess Freeman, investigative reporter, arrives on the scene to look into the weird disappearance from the Farmers' Museum of a huge human figure. He had been unearthed in the late nineteenth century near Cardiff, New York. Jess confronts locals and outsiders who all have a theory, including that the giant has been reanimated and is lurching throughout the community. They are enmeshed in self-punishing belief systems such as alien abduction, astrology, kabbalistic numerology, New Age rebirthing, and religious dogmas reduced to literal absurdities. The fast-paced action centers around episodes where they pay a sorry price for their beliefs. But skeptics don't fare much better, susceptible as they are to mental disorders that show the faculty of reason is fragile indeed. These characters group and regroup, with romance always on their minds, and finally come to recognitions at once surprising and moving.

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Randy Rolfe speaking about “The Single Ingredient Diet”

In The Single Ingredient Diet, Randy Rolfe takes an up-to-date look at the gaslighting which is going on by food processors, chemical companies, and regulators to rob us of our health. And she shows us how to liberate ourselves from its numbing effects and actively prevent the debilitating chronic diseases which are caused by the ultraprocessed food in the typical modern Western diet. In her twenties she developed a revolutionary and amazingly simple eating pattern which has kept her healthy well into her seventies. And in this book she shows us how it works to ensure that we are doing the best we can to support a long, healthy life. The Single Ingredient Diet invites us to transform our relationship with food in just 21 days. We seem obsessed today with conflicts between low-fat and low-carb, meat-eating and vegan, raw and cooked. But these conflicts are just a smoke screen hiding the most important conflict, which is between real foods, which nourish and heal, and non-foods, which sicken and kill. By learning how to use only instantly recognizable foods which require no labels and foods which list only one ingredient, we can enjoy every meal from now on, free of confusion, doubt, worry, and regret. When we take up this 21 day challenge, we can look forward to happier meals, happier health, and a happier life.

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Victoria Gail Oltarsh speaking about “The Boy and the Secret of the Stars”

Eight-year-old Eli makes a wish on a twilight star and is whisked away on an outer space adventure. Guided by Cygnus, a star boy from the Swan Constellation, they meet the captivating Princess of Glitterland, who tells him to direct all his questions to the Star Maker. But the sinister Glizzards capture them enroute, leaving Eli to wonder if he will ever learn the secret of the stars and find his way back to his home on Earth.

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Deb Lewis speaking about “Why Is Pono not Pono Today? Bring out the best when someone is stressed”

Set in Hawaii, this heartwarming book and its lovable characters offer adults and children helpful ways to discuss and handle stress."Why is Pono not Pono Today?" is a book where kids of all ages easily identify with the normally happy Pono the Bull. Pono snaps after others are mean to him. His friend Kuleana notices what happens and helps to quickly bring back the best in Pono.

Here, tough situations end well through love, creativity, and working closely together. When we learn how to work through the toughest situations together, STRESS becomes our SUPERPOWER.


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Ken Parejko speaking about “Kasia's Story”

"Kasia's Story" retells the final twenty years of the life of an elderly widow, Katarzyna Weiglowa, tried for heresy in Reformation Poland in the early sixteenth century. After the death of her husband, Kasia continues searching to answer the question they had begun exploring together: whether the God they find in their hearts is the same God they encounter in their church. The book is written in a parallel narrative featuring the complex life and political intrigues of Poland's Queen, Bona Sforza, who as a child knew Leonardo da Vinci. The times are turbulent and complex. The Church's response to the Reformation and the presence of Jews in Poland carries them far from Christ's call for compassion. All of Europe is now aflame with brilliant new ideas, and equally with the fires of repression: times not that different from ours. Deeply researched in Poland and through the literature, "Kasia's Story" is, in the mold of Hilary Mantel’s Wolf Hall, a deep dive into times which though long past, cast an instructive shadow into ours.

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Gary D Wilson speaking about “The Narrow Window”

The story opens with the early morning rape of a young American woman, who, along with her husband, has come as a volunteer teacher to a small country in southern Africa. The rapist is captured by the husband and is subsequently arrested and held for trial. Because the Ministry of Justice sees the incident as sensitive, oversight of the case is assigned to an American expatriate lawyer employed there. The ensuing story follows not only the volunteers' lives as they cope with the aftermath of the attack and the Ministry of Justice's involvement in the matter, but also a growing unease on the part of characters concerning who they are and where they belong. Questions of culture and identity impact the action and outcome of the story.

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Mike F Elliott speaking about “Escaping Limbo”

ESCAPING LIMBO is a 71,000 coming-of-age story set in St. Paul MN during the turbulent 1960's. Two young Catholic teenage boys, Francis Paulson (narrator) and his unsteady friend Izzy, experience the big issues of the times first-hand, 3 assassinations, Vietnam War, Apollo Moon Race, British Music Invasion, Race Riots, Counter Culture Movement & Mohammad Ali Arrest, all while struggling with the fierce morality pushed on them by their families, church and Catholic School. Francis' family also struggles trying to keep their 2nd generation candy factory going after tragedies and losses in their family. The boy's relationship is also threatened when Izzy's arch-enemy, Suck-Up Sue, a cute rambunctious girl, sets her sights on Francis. Francis continues his attempts to help Izzy recover from the death of his older brother and protect Izzy from his abusive old man by trying to earn funds for a secret and taboo dangerous summer canoe trip with the belief it will help Izzy heal and Francis face his own doubts about his strict upbringing.

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Donna Louis speaking about “The Rain Falls On The Just & The Unjust”

As much as Christians or believers of God would like to believe that, just because we acknowledge God in our lives, we should never have any sorrow. That is untrue. Just believing this makes us commit sin because then we are not humble, but haughty. We will all have challenges, disappointments, and unfair situations arise in our lives, but as believers of God, we are to handle ourselves so that unbelievers will want to become like us. We are to TRUST, HAVE FAITH, and BELIEVE that GOD has our back and will keep us lifted above, fight our battles, and always cause us to Triumph!

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Norman Brewer speaking about “January 6: A Novel”

The day democracy was assaulted...Protesters at the President’s rally morph into a mob that storms the Capitol, right-wing extremists in their midst. In halls the author walked for decades as a reporter, hostages are taken, the House Speaker among them. A horrific standoff gives extremist militias time to unleash deadly terrorism across the nation. The President, in election denial, weighs declaring martial law to quell the violence – and justify refusing to leave office. Will we again face insurrection? "Brewer gets inside the violent insurrectionists' heads as the revolution spreads. It didn't happen... but it could have!" - John Dinges, author of The Condor Wars The prestigious Midwest Book Review "unreservedly" recommends January 6: A Novel "to community and college/university library collections" and calls it "essential reading for those with interest, in politics, terrorism, freedom..."

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Kass Ghayouri speaking about “An Era of Error”

Kass Ghayouri's An Era of Error sheds light on an Indian girl growing up in a period of racial segregation enforced through the legislation of the Apartheid government, in South Africa during the period of 1960 to 2000. During the time of the Apartheid regime, Kay found it a liability being an Indian. The Immorality Act was a strict code of conduct, which prevented interracial affairs and marriages. It is a story of jaw-dropping dehumanization, torture and verbal intimidation, conducted in total violation of the Apartheid laws. The major characters suffered gross violation of civil rights and human rights, unleashed by the Apartheid era. Amidst the brutality, emerges the most beautiful love story that transports the major characters into a new dimension.