Give a Book, Get a Smile




Being able to read is more than a life necessity, it has the power to transport us into the wonderful world of imagination, it teaches us, it helps us grow.

To some, reading can sometimes be viewed as a chore, but it mostly is an immense pleasure all of us should be able to experience. Alas, life’s realities beg differently as so many are either challenged with reading skills, or challenged with access to books. Either way, those in that predicament miss on so much!

The Authors Show’s “Give A Book, Get A Smile” campaign aims to bring changes to these literacy challenges, with the help of authors, readers, and the business community.

Our program addresses 2 segments::

1- Children - age 4-12  
2- Teens/Young Adults - age 13+

- For children, we are calling on donation of children books ages 4 to 12, picture and chapter books; donated children books are distributed to organizations and/or schools catering to disadvantaged children in the United States and Canada.

- For teens, we are calling on young adults books, fiction and nonfiction, including self-help books specifically for teens; donated books are distributed to women shelters and homeless communities in the United States and Canada

When budgets allow it please provide at least 3 copies; this can be either 3 copies of 1 book, or any quantity of multiple books. For budgets less flexible, we remain thankful for any contribution you may provide to this project.


A podcasting pioneer in the publishing industry with a history of 13+ years of professional author interview production, The Authors Show is leveraging its pool of thousands of authors and other publishing industry relationships, calling on them to commit to giving to the “Give a Book, Get A Smile” campaign and to let their immediate circle of influence know about the project, so that they too may have the opportunity to participate.  Books are donated to the recipients several times per year as books become available.

  • Do you love reading? 
  • Do you wish every child could read?
  • Do you wish to inspire young adults to read?
  • Do you wish to give women in shelters reading opportunities? 

Then join us in our quest to curtail illiteracy, one book and one child at a time. Please join us in giving books, and we guarantee you will get a smile.

Give a book, get a smile